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29.01.2007, 22:17

Nice to see one of the founders of banding on the internet working with tMp!.

A band I notice is missing from the list of current bands is that of Hooe Silver - based between Pevensey and Bexhill in East Sussex, the village of Hooe has had a band for over 100 years. The band is still in existence and has a contact email of silverband@hooe.net (silverband@hooe.net)

keep up the good work!


30.01.2007, 13:44
Thanks Andy - please accept the (virtual) prize for the first post in the new IBEW forum!

I'm sure there are still quite a few current brass bands not covered by the IBEW directory. Any further details or contacts are always welcome for those yet to be recorded in the directory.

01.02.2007, 02:17
Gavin your list of bands is VERY comprehensive and extremely accurate. You are to be congratulated on such a sterling job. I have come across the odd band or two that I run into on brasscast that do not appear on your list but they are very few and far between and I will make sure that I shoot off an email to you if ever by chance it happens.
So glad to see that you and John have teamed up. You both actually make a winning combination. Invite me to the party if you get lonely again John!
Kind regards
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