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02.01.2007, 16:56
Having just recovered from watching the final of the PDC World championchips final, I thought I'd ask if anyone else was watching these 2 legendary players battle it out. Regardless of whether you think it is a sport or not the skill shown by Taylor and van Barneveld was awesome. I play darts myself and am the reigning area champion :clap: but I would have struggled to get to a finish in any of the legs that was played last night.

Simply breath-taking.

As Sid Waddell would say,

"The atmosphere in here is so tense, that if Elvis walked in, you would be able to hear the vinegar sizzling on his chips!"

02.01.2007, 17:01
Yeah, we all watched it..including my mum and dad who were here for a meal.
It really was gripping stuff.....am I really saying that of darts!!!!!
Brilliant. Neither deserved to lose.

02.01.2007, 17:04
Did not watch the final. However had an interest up to the quarter finals as Darren Webster is the son of a good friend of mine.

Not entirely convinced darts is a sport but this years world championships have been superb. Its just a pity there are 2 world championships, it would be good to see the title unified.

02.01.2007, 17:06
It was fantastic! My other half became one of those who just couldn't contain his emotion. I would have liked to see Taylor win but Barneveld played well.

Sid's commentary was really annoying after a while though.

I also thought that it was offside for some of the crowd to shout comments when the players were on important shots, but I guess they are used to it.

Well done to them both:clap:

02.01.2007, 17:09
I agree about the crowd, they have paid a lot of money to be there and then risk getting kicked out for shouting whilst a player is at the oche. In my 1/4 final match in the areas, my opponent was so nervous he kept "parping" which was bad enough as you're trying to throw, but the smell was awful. The chalker almost passed out! :biggrin:

02.01.2007, 21:30
Sid Waddell's commentary is worth tuning in for alone, although he can go over the top. Some of his best for me at various times have been:

"He's got the look of a dying ferret about him"

"He's as excited as King Kong at a banana sale"

"He could hit a fly's eye with a knittin' needle"

Darts is a pub game and is not a sport as far as I am concerned but it can be very entertaining - more so than snooker. I thought it was a great final and great viewing.


2nd man down
05.01.2007, 00:35
I used to play darts too and have always watched it whenever it'sbeen on the tv, and I have to say that finalwas the best match I've ever watched...it had everything, from a seemingly beaten underdog in the early stages, to an amazing fight back, to a breathtaking number of 180's for van Barneveld considering he didn't hit one till the 4th set, and finally to nail biting finish which neither deserved to lose.

Awesome, that game will take some beating for sheer drama.

I was glad tho, having been a previously predominantly BBC darts watcher I was rooting for van Barneveld, so was really pleased when he won the decider.