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31.12.2002, 11:17
Here's three optimised theMouthPiece.com images for your Compaq iPAQ or other PC Handheld. They are the correct size for these devices i.e. 240*320. Simply use activesync to copy them to your handheld device and use the device's file explorer to 'set as background wallpaper'. Not sure what the default screen size is for Palm OS devices. If anyone knows, please let me know & I'll prepare some images for that device also.


John :D

01.07.2003, 12:53
Hey now thats proper good that is!!!!!!!!

Use my IPAQ for mouthpiece alot.

Higher notes a touch out of tune with it though... :P

01.07.2003, 12:57
Hi valvecap - I also have some tMP iPAQ themes if you would like them.... let me know & I'll post those as well....


01.07.2003, 13:46
Palm devices are 160x160 for the older ones, 240x320 (I think) for some of the Sony Clies, 320x320 for the Palm Tungsten-T and (again I think) the Zire-71 and 320x480 for the top end Clie.

All this is from memory so the Clie ones might be wrong but I'm fairly confident about the 160x160 and 320x320 ones.

What do they look like in greyscale? I don't think anyone will quite understand if I say I have to buy a colour Palm just so I can use the tMP logo as a background :?

01.07.2003, 14:10
Well... here's a screenshot of one I have done!


I can do it in greyscale if you want me to Stewart.... :)

Here's the corresponding theme file - http://www.burnsworld.co.uk/images/tmpclefred.tsk

01.07.2003, 14:16
160x160 in as few greyscales as you can manage for my very elderly Palm would be very cool if you don't mind doing one :D

01.07.2003, 14:17
... and here's the corresponding greyscale one...


... and the corresponding iPAQ theme file...


01.07.2003, 14:19
160x160 in as few greyscales as you can manage for my very elderly Palm would be very cool if you don't mind doing one :D

Here you go Stewart.... a 160 * 160 greyscale image....


enjoy :)