View Full Version : Brassed Off for Bakery Band

08.08.2006, 08:45
Posted on behalf of Greggs Bakery Band

The Greggs Bakery Band have recently completed the play Brassed Off along with the actors of the Peoples Theatre Jesmond in Newcastle.

The band performed for a total of six nights and added an additional matinee performance too. The performances were hailed as top class, and the band commented that reactions and comments from members of the audiences made the project well worth all the effort the band and actors put into it.

There was a slight change in the scipt as it featured the mining communities from the Northumberland and Durham areas which was well accepted from the audience.

The feedback the band has received is very encouraging and in the future more projects will be taken.

11.09.2006, 00:04
Enderby Band Organisation have also just completed Brassed Off. It too was a success - total sell out for 5 performances - 400 seater theatre. Was a fabulous experience ( I played Gloria, loved every minute!)