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Dave Payn
13.10.2003, 14:16
You'll have to blame laserbeam bass for putting the idea of anagrams into my head. Here are some band related ones.

Cornet section: Coo! Ten cretins!
Baritones: Brat noise
Tenor horns: So northern
Percussion department: Drum response; pittance
Trombone section: 'Sob! I'm cornet tone!'
Bass section: It can obsess
Euphonium players: Hey! Unpopular is me!

All in jest, folks..... :wink:

13.10.2003, 14:29
It was a while ago - but there are at least three pages of them here (http://www.themouthpiece.com/viewtopic.php?t=1133)
Enjoy! 8)