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15.07.2006, 13:11
Calling Percussionists!

Whilst the overall number of delegates for The 2006 Brass Band Summer School is at a record high, there still remain two places in the percussion team which will be coached by Simone Rebello. Anyone interested should contact Philip as soon as possible by telephoning 01223 234090 or 07710 505689.

This year the teaching staff includes David Childs, Owen Farr, Nick Hudson, Alan Morrison, Simone Rebello, Steve Sykes and Brian Taylor. The Course Director is Mr Richard Evans.

Richard has yet again come up with a diverse and scintillating programme which includes The Sorcererís Apprentice, Tam OíShanterís Ride, Samum and Barber of Seville.

The culmination of the week's course is a concert in The Routh Hall at Bromsgrove School on Friday 11th August at 7.30pm.

For further information please contact Philip Biggs,

Tel: 01223 234090 or 07710 505689

15.07.2006, 13:17
I saw this on 4BR yesterday and tried to get the time off work but couldn't. :(

I'd love to be coached by a player of Simone's class - maybe then I wouldn't have to use guesswork quite so much when working out how percussion instruments should be played! :biggrin:

15.07.2006, 14:31
I made a mistake with this. Philip sent it to me last Tuesday and somehow it slipped through my to-do list otherwise it would have been published then. Oooops!