View Full Version : Do you have a dirty mind?

11.10.2003, 18:40
DIY health check for your mind.

11.10.2003, 22:52
What dolphins?! :dunno

11.10.2003, 23:11
i'm corrupted - no new news there!

Naomi McFadyen
12.10.2003, 09:59
ah yes I've seen this one before...

IMHO though, I think that the younger kids of today will see what the majority (if not all) of us did too... :shock: which I personally think is wrong...

12.10.2003, 15:24
The first time I saw this I thought that they were lying and there were no dolphins at all!!!!!!!! I can see them now!! :?

Jo Elson
12.10.2003, 16:19
Looks like i need to polish my halo tonight!

12.10.2003, 16:34
what intimate couple :?: :lol:

On the Horn
12.10.2003, 20:44
But how did they get into the bottle ?

12.10.2003, 21:05
i saw dolphins!!! does that mean i am a angel?

12.10.2003, 22:28
Where are the dolphins? I've looked at it for ages and still can't see any. Oh dear that can't be good!

12.10.2003, 22:30
Found them!

12.10.2003, 22:32
The young children round my area would see the "intimate couple" before they even read the text!!!! :DD

What a dodgy area i live in!

12.10.2003, 23:19
Hmmmm.... I saw the dolphins and the people, and some of the dolphins are in vereee strange places!!

Not sure this is exactly family friendly? :?

13.10.2003, 13:49
does the fact that it took so long for me to see the dolphins mean i'm beyond saving?

13.10.2003, 15:47
found the dolphins and the intimate couple, does this mean i am a corrupted angel? or an angelic corruption?

13.10.2003, 19:32

currupted mind- ??
children would only see dolphins??

ok so how many people saw that naked bird on titanic- now please dont tell me that the children in the audience actually saw leo di-ck ****-py head draw dolphins?

and i saw both, almost instantly- or is that just from my childhood of magic eyes???


16.10.2003, 16:23
my school has blocked it!

16.10.2003, 21:15
found the dolphins and the intimate couple, does this mean i am a corrupted angel? or an angelic corruption?

I was wondering the same thing myself.......although it did take me a second good look b4 i saw dolphins! :lol: :?

16.10.2003, 23:54
the way i see it (as i saw both), is that i have a dirty mind, but am good at covering it up when necessary!

19.10.2003, 23:58
OK, so if I told you that I found nine dolphins, 3 halibut and a juvenile herring, what does that say about my mind. Personally speaking, if you only saw an intimate couple then your mind must be corrupted because I never saw anything like it!!! :lol: :lol:

All seems perfectly innocent to me, in fact I was admiring the quality with which the bottle had been drawn.


20.10.2003, 12:59
Got nothing to do with the test.... I just have a dirty mind :lol: :lol: :lol: :wink:

23.10.2003, 14:52
wow movement and sound as well......no hang on thats just the imagination running riot again! :lol:

and no I aint saying which i saw...welll it could have been the dolphins swimming and chatting as they do!

24.10.2003, 12:34
I saw the couple straight off, but couldn't see the dolphins till someone pointed them out to me.
I aldready knew I had a dirty mind, this just confirmed it!

i'm not a manc!
24.10.2003, 12:39
i think this proves what i already expected...