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08.06.2006, 21:29
tMP Server Upgrade tonight

OK, the time has come yet again to upgrade the tMP Dedicated Server. I am aware despite general performance improvements, we have been experiencing a few teething troubles since we moved across to our dedicated server. Essentially, because we are so busy, we need a more powerful machine and as such I have purchased an owned server specifically for tMP that has a superb specification.

I am hoping to do the server upgrade later this evening/tonight but unfortunately this time we will need to close tMP for a few hours while we do so.

This will mean that when you next come back online you should see an immediate performance improvement from our dual-core, 2GB RAM, super dooper mega server... well that's the theory anyway!!!

I'll update this thread just as we're going offline. Wish us luck.

08.06.2006, 23:02
Offline at midnight tonight for a few hours...

08.06.2006, 23:04
good luck folks

08.06.2006, 23:17
Oh my gosh, 43 minutes and counting. :eek: :cry:

08.06.2006, 23:20
Best of luck with this John :tup

08.06.2006, 23:23
Busy preparing files and removing older, unused stuff as we are moving datacenter this time and files will need to be moved across the internet and not just across an internal network - which is what we did when we moved from a shared plan to our 1st dedicated server.

This is still dedicated, but I own the machine, which is a much higher spec'ed machine that the previous dedicated machine.

Fingers crossed...

Big Twigge
08.06.2006, 23:43
Offline at midnight tonight for a few hours...
Good luck, but don't you stay up too late, don't you know there's a contest tomorrow - can't have you being tired now!

08.06.2006, 23:57
Good luck, but don't you stay up too late, don't you know there's a contest tomorrow - can't have you being tired now!

Oh don't worry. I'm sure John sleeps with one beedy eye wide open and watching tMP. ;)

09.06.2006, 02:00
All done, thankfully.

tMP now residing on our new owned super-dooper machine. Please let me know if you see a performance improvement.


09.06.2006, 02:04
Woo Hoo...we're back!!

09.06.2006, 02:07
Woo Hoo...we're back!!We sure are Pat... any improvement your end?

09.06.2006, 02:55
Definately noticing a speedier transition between pages! Thanks John :clap:

09.06.2006, 06:04
*best churchill dog voice*

Oh yes, yes yes

*/end churchill dog voice*

Flying here.

Congratulations John and thank you. :biggrin::clap:

09.06.2006, 09:09
Definately noticing a speedier transition between pages! Thanks John :clap:

same here much faster. well done John:clap::clap:

Anglo Music Press
09.06.2006, 10:21
Itts abbsolootly mutch farster, but have notissed that meye possts now have some spilling misstaches

09.06.2006, 10:41
Much faster thanks! Is the new crapometer filter active yet though ;-)

Anglo Music Press
09.06.2006, 10:42

09.06.2006, 10:54
To correct things like "rehearse in scunthorpe" for instance, not referring to anyone's posts if that's why you're offended Philip!

Edit: and it obviously is!

Anglo Music Press
09.06.2006, 10:57
You would have been quite justified, actually! :D

It's too hot here!

(By the way I was recently prohibited from logging onto 4barsrest from a public computer, as they had found 'spanking' in the text. Presumably 'spanking new cornet' or something!)

09.06.2006, 11:14
Seems quite a bit better from my end, John. Well done.

Will the Sec
09.06.2006, 12:56
Whhhhoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooossssssssshhhh h!!!!!!
Very quick, John. Nice.

09.06.2006, 13:00
Excellent... looks like good news so far then folks. Let's hope I've firmly put the recent performance issues we have sometimes experienced well and truely behind us. Keep the feedback coming though please.:tup

09.06.2006, 13:33
Working great here at the office John, no doubt notice the difference at home tonight too.
Well done, and thanks!

09.06.2006, 13:34
Cheers Harold. Please do let me know if you have a corresponding performance improvement from your home internet connection too yeah... :tup

09.06.2006, 13:41
:p Will do John! :tup

09.06.2006, 15:04
Seems to be whizzing along, but I don't normally sign in during the day on week days.

Will let you know how it is with more users on later.

Thanks for your efforts with this John


09.06.2006, 15:06
And it's thanks to you Elspeth, Harold, Will and all the others who - by being loyal tMP Supporters - contribute towards the costs of providing such as powerful server.

Thank you all.

10.06.2006, 00:13
Spectacularly fast at home too John! Just great! Thanks!

10.06.2006, 09:36
Hi, I still seem to have a problem of logging out, using the top "LOG OUT", but no problem at the bottom of the front page.



10.06.2006, 09:37
What problem...?

Magic Flute
10.06.2006, 10:48
What problem...?
With logging out, I get 'There was an error in logging out. Please click here to log out.'

Very fast now both at work and at home!:biggrin:

10.06.2006, 11:08
This is the message I get but if I go to the bottom of the page I can Log Out without having to click on anything else.

10.06.2006, 11:11
Not sure what that message relates to actually, as I have seen it myself on the odd occasion. There is an additional click here thing though when that happens.

10.06.2006, 11:59
I now look to see who is on line, then check the "jobs" and log out at the bottom right and this facility does not ask you to click again.

I find the links / threads and the general run of the programme very much inproved. Thank you for the time and effort in updating the system.


11.06.2006, 12:56
The recent server upgrade was done on an owned basis... i.e.: I have actually purchased the machine rather than rent or lease one from a datacenter. On top of this I pay monthly for full Managed Services (Server Administration) which costs me a whack I can tell ya, but means tMP should really fly along now and everyone should see significant performance improvements.

Here's a nice (but sad) pic of the server, it's the bottom one...:)