View Full Version : hi im stuart. Is there anybody out there

Forest Gump
07.04.2006, 21:35
hi im stuart ,i play in berry hill band in gloucestershire.
im currently playing baritone but prefer playing bass.
anyway just introducing myself and ill catch up with you all later

07.04.2006, 21:57
Hi Stuart, nice to have you on board. I sympathise as i started life as a baritone player but soon got myelf sorted out and got better and now play the instrument of the gods (the horn!) You've probably already realised that all the best looking women in the brass band world play horn anyway.
Enjoy the forum!

07.04.2006, 22:30
I feel sorry for both of you. It must be hard to be plucked away from the heart of the band.

Welcome to tMP Stuart

07.04.2006, 22:56
Hi Stuart and welcome to tMP :hi

bongo massive
07.04.2006, 23:46
Hi Stuart! Just joined the forum myself, still getting used to it but its good fun. As for the instrument that you play, we all know the best parts are given to those with sticks in their hands. As for Clough, he is a bit of a Baritone obsessive....the nutter!! Just a glorified Euphonium if you ask me :-)

08.04.2006, 12:09
Quiet little ginger Aled!