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11.12.2002, 10:39
Has anyone got any original ideas for fancy dress themes for xmas fund-raising?

11.12.2002, 12:34
You could take a leaf out of Cherie Blair's book, she's just discovered 'the Emperor's New Clothes'. Very topical and in tune with our New Labour masters/mistresses (/stops rant) :evil:

On a more serious note, aren't most band uniforms fancy-dress enough for the non-banding public? Otherwise, dressing as turkeys sounds good and play "Good King Turkeys-last" (after soup, prawn cocktail and a very light fish dish, but no Christmas pud to follow obviously) and "God Rest You, Merry Turkeymen" (what wage-rich turkey-pluckers do on the 25th December). :oops:

11.12.2002, 14:18
Get people to try and dress up as there cartoon character and see if people know who they are???????

dave jake
11.12.2002, 14:38
Two of you go as a Panto horse with Wonky Baton follgwing on trombone :idea:

11.12.2002, 14:40
Two of you go as a Panto horse with Wobbly Baton follgwing on trombone :idea:

hehe.. :twisted: unfortunately, no one would appreciate the joke..

11.12.2002, 22:51
There was a suggestion of going as transvestites and cross dressing but it was decided to leave until we go to Rocky Horror Show next May.

Singapore Northern Lass
12.12.2002, 01:54
How about having a United Nations night, everyone choosing a different country to dress as, that's national dress not the actual country!!!! Or Pokemon, that would get the kids interested, :)

27.01.2004, 11:42
i reckon the transvestites one sounds like a lot of fun....:P
*completely unrelated* rocky horror is great.. go see!!!

27.01.2004, 11:50
another year-old thread rescued from the depths of obscurity! :shock:

27.01.2004, 19:08
A couple of years ago my band did Snow White and the 25 Dwarves at a Xmas concert...

28.01.2004, 00:20
You must be able to do better than this "bunch of toons":


(and before they take a contract out on me, yes, I do come from there originally!)