View Full Version : Web Site of the Month : October 2005

04.10.2005, 00:09
OK ladies and gents. With apologies for the delay, voting is now open for the October Web Site of the Month.

Bob Thompson
14.10.2005, 00:05
Whne does the website of the month finalised?


14.10.2005, 01:52
According to the rules...it'd be the 31st this month.

03.11.2005, 12:52
Thanks for voting guys, the other sites were very good too! Am just pleased that everybody now knows alittle more about our wee band by looking at the site! :D

So when are we going to get a wee banner image thingy for the website then?!! ;)

03.11.2005, 13:24
Hi Willie... Di is having internet connectivity issues ana can only connect by dial-up at the mo. She will get this sorted as soon as Steve (her long suffering hubby and altogether smashing chap) gets the ISP sorted.

Won't be long I'm sure.