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Roger Thorne
11.09.2005, 00:14

Lazy Days of Summer (http://www.thornesmusic.freeserve.co.uk/Lazy%20Days%20of%20Summer%20Info.htm)

A beautiful, relaxing melody inspired by a long Summer holiday in the South of France! It features Flugel Horn, Trombone and
Vibraphone Solos.

Cornets are Tacet throughout, so it's an ideal piece to give the entire section a well deserved rest!

Brass Band Score and Set of Parts - 18.00

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11.09.2005, 00:17
Oooooh the "little French number".

Buy this piece chaps, its ace! I'm gonna tell our conductor about this one!

Roger - Can we play this at Pontins :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

Big Twigge
14.09.2005, 09:16
I love this piece, brings back happy memories. Every band should buy it!

Roger Thorne
15.09.2005, 22:57
I love this piece, brings back happy memories.
Like winning the 3rd Section at Whychavon last year!