View Full Version : Alert: Porn spammers hacking into your band www sites

21.07.2005, 19:27
Hi All

It has been recently brought to our attention that there are several brass band sites who have been the target of porn site hackers. These sick people hack into www sites, that are then redirected to pornorgaphic material. When these hacked sites are used in signatures on tMP, anyone clicking on the link will therefore be redirected through to the porn site.

This has happened on at least two tMP'ers accounts during the last week. The site in question was the same brass band site, but two people had this same bands site listed in their tMP signature.

The tMP Team are always vigilant, and are always alert to inappropriate material being posted on tMP. We monitor all images submitted to our gallery before approving them, we monitor all www links posted to out Links Directory before approving them, and as you know, we are always very much on top of what gets posted on the tMP forums. tMP cannot however control what gets posted on other forums and www sites, nor can we continually monitor every link in every tMP signature.

Given that we are a growing site, there may be instances where user signatures are not looked at over a longer length of time - within which time the site listed by a user in their signature may become compromised.

Please can I ask everyone to remain vigilant to this inappropriate material, and to report any such finding to myself or one of your tMP team. We will not allow any form of inappropriate material to be posted on tMP, ever, period; and we need your continued support to maintain this policy.

Many thanks everyone.
John & tMP team