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dave jake
04.12.2002, 17:49
Edit: For current vacancies and contact details, please see most recent posts

Dunston Band have vacancies for front row cornet and trombone.All other
players welcome any time. :D :lol:

timmy the tuba
16.12.2002, 10:51
Hi Dave Jake,
Might need a BB player soon if you dont stand and get freezing cold out outside Tescos soon!!!! or the Baltic!!!!
Merry Christmas mate

Timmy The Tuba

timmy the tuba
14.01.2003, 14:30
Dunston Silver Band

Are looking for players of any standard or age to join our band.

We are well known for our happy , friendly nature ( and an excellent social side) :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

We practice in a community centre in Dunston, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear
in a room which has been specially adapted for brass band use.

We have a junior band which is up and coming and a very able conductor.

If you dont have an instrument, one can be provided.

Any transport problems can also be arranged to the practices which are on a Monday and Wednesday evening bet 7.30pm and 9.30pm.

This band is a joy to be a part of,and one which you will feel a part of very quickly.

The band is within a short travel from Newcastle and Sunderland Universities, so come on down and have a blow, I did and i've never regretted it.

For further details see our website at www.dunstonband.com

15.01.2003, 00:04
We practice in a community centre in Dunston, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear in a room which has been specially adapted for brass band use.

Tim the room has 30 chairs and there is a new cupboard to put the stands and music in. Specially adapted is taking things a bit far :lol: :lol: :lol:

We are friendly and the social side is good though. I do however have a specially adaped belly to store copious amounts of ale. 8)

dave jake
15.01.2003, 14:49
Your honoured Wonky, not everybody has seen inside Timmys cupboard. I ve been warned if he invites you in , to be afraid be very afraid ! :twisted: :twisted:

timmy the tuba
15.01.2003, 16:38
wonky and dave jake ,

bang goes our specially adapted practice room ploy !!!!!!!! :x

honest to all potential players the practice rooms nice !!!!!!!! :D :D :D

re MY library, be afraid, very afraid to enter.
:evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

of course if your female please enter any time you want and I will guide you through the ups and downs of being a librarian.
:D :oops: :D :roll: :roll: :roll:

15.01.2003, 17:59
hey guys and girls,

you are really selling your band to potential bandsters! (hehe)...

we also have a specially adapted bandsroom.......designated storage area for instrument cases during rehearsal (old snooker table which is out of use from the welfare!)......

we will eventually get out new bandroom...have seen the plans...we are actually gonna be much closer to the bar :roll: 8) :shock: you can't get a bigger improvement than that can you?

PS tim: the 'would u like to step into my office' chat-up line is over-used by band librarians :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

16.01.2003, 23:12
Still taking over the world again, Dunston boys??

17.01.2003, 00:31
Still taking over the world again, Dunston boys??

No top in Gateshead will do us!! 8)

Singapore Northern Lass
17.01.2003, 00:54
Wonky, Dave & Timmy,

I'll come and play for you if you pay my travelling expenses! He he he!!! :twisted: :P

17.01.2003, 09:21
Well I suppose world domination would include doing one over on Gateshead Brass.

Local rivals, eh? Nice to see you to see you nice!!

You've got a better website than us, but that picture of Vezza needs to be a bit bigger ;)

dave jake
22.01.2003, 12:29
Where did you rake that photo out from Colin, what a waste of hair, the things I could do with all that hair. :shock:

22.01.2003, 12:38
Ahh yes. That was student Colin. Middle parting, floppy cows lip.

I've seen sense since - I even had my haircut likes yours at one stage. Oh hang on - you don't have a choice!!

Up the Jakeman!

dave jake
22.01.2003, 12:46
True, don t think Ive got a photo of me with hair I ll have a skeg . It ll be blackand white mind. :roll:

22.01.2003, 13:06
Careful Dave - you are meant to be encouraging people to join Dunston, not the opposite!!

timmy the tuba
18.04.2003, 15:31

Dunston Silver as has been said on many occasions is a happy ,friendly ,social band who welcome evreyone :D

Somewhere out there , there are players who are looking for this type of band, pop along to the practice on a monday or wednesday between 7.30pm and 9.30pm, and see what you are missing, great fun!!!!! :P

To the friends and members of D.S.B the next social is 25/4/03 starting at the Akenside Pub on the Quayside in Newcastle, early birds start at 4pm then onwards till fally down time. :D :roll:

12.05.2003, 01:58
Tim, on the grounds that you didn't go to the last social, I hope you are planning another one.
On a serious note - can I have a look in your cupboard. No really - can I?

timmy the tuba
12.05.2003, 10:48
Hello Lipsty,

Of course you can look in the cupboard, however there is a form to fill in and of course the booby traps have to be disengaged. The security guard will be off on Monday so that might be the best time to go in. I will be in my usual position ready and waiting !!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :roll: :roll:

timmy the tuba
12.05.2003, 10:50
Oh and P.S

there will be another social, however i got double booked on the last night out so couldnt go , hope you lot had a great time!!! :D

13.05.2003, 00:52
I'm not sure what your usual position is - maybe I should ask Dave. Or is that another position altogether?
Hopefully you can help me find what I am looking for!

timmy the tuba
13.05.2003, 17:01
hi, you,

I will be in my normal position,which I enjoy the most, however not for print on this forum!!!!!! :roll: :roll:

I will gladly escort you into the relms of the office, however be aware of mars bars and courgettes. :roll: :roll:

Glad you are enjoying yourself helping the band , there not a bad bunch really, :D :D :D

Will attempt social in next couple of weeks poss 23/5/03 early start, in fact yes drinkys on 25th yahoo :lol: :lol:

See you Wednesday and enjoy the tour :wink: :wink:

timmy the tuba
13.05.2003, 17:19
Oh and P.s

Like my new flag

14.05.2003, 11:47
Like the flag timmy... but fear you may be putting off new recruits - can I say that Timmy is not as scarey as his last few posts made him sound, and the band is fab.... so if you are a cornet player, trombone player or anyone else who just fancies a blow then come on over to our place....the laughter flows and wonky baton is worth the trip alone....trust us..... :lol: :P

Roger Thorne
14.05.2003, 12:04
the laughter flows and wonky baton is worth the trip alone....trust us..... :lol: :P
I can vouch for that first hand - just read the topic 'Sloshed in Shrewsbury'


19.05.2003, 00:46
I would be inclined to disagree with your assessment of tim's personna (although wonky's is spot on).

Tim IS very scary and my horizons have definately been broadened since knowing him. Last week's pub conversations were most enlightening, even for a girl like me. :wink:

I would however use this as a selling point for the band and would hasten to add to anyone, to not be put off. Come and experience for yourselves.

See you all on Wednesday, as I am being banished to sheffield for my sins on Monday :oops: . Apart from you, Tim, I will see you on Monday.

19.05.2003, 01:36
I am being banished to sheffield for my sins on Monday :oops:

I know the feeling!!!

timmy the tuba
19.05.2003, 11:57
Now people I'm not that scary am I!!!!! :twisted:

A nice friendly sort like me, :D

and Lipsty you little tinker , just because I like mars bars!!!!!!! :D :roll:

and Hornblower, well what can I say another little tinker :D

However the band is great and full of fun, come along and have a go its brill.

Libsty dont know if there tonight, work unfortunatly!!!!! however see how it goes might be able to take some time off!!!!! :( :( . You have permission to enter the demons den and have a flick through , you might find what your looking for :D :wink:

dave jake
31.05.2004, 10:35
Dunston Silver Band a very ambitous 4th section band have a vacancy on bass trombone, don t miss this opportunity to play under the amazing Wonky Baton [Alan Seymour]

31.05.2004, 16:39
I would have used "unique" rather than "amazing" Dave :)

dave jake
31.05.2004, 20:13
Ok Col how about uniquely amazing or amazingly unique :lol:

31.05.2004, 22:59
Ok Col how about uniquely amazing or amazingly unique

Like it Dave. Keep up the good work!! 8)

Any chance of editing the post to advertise for principal cornet and 2nd Bari as well? With the right recruits we could take on the world - maybe!! :roll:

31.05.2004, 23:19
Ok Col how about uniquely amazing or amazingly unique :lol:

Nah - for those of us who know the legendary Wonky, it is of no amazement whatsoever that he is unique, nevermind that there aren't more than one of him.

18.01.2005, 12:57
Dunston Band require a sop player urgently for the Nationals on Feb 26th at the Dolphin Centre Darlington as our current player has had to leave the band at short notice due to work committments. Long term or short term signing will be fine. Please PM me for more details.

20.01.2005, 23:48
Dunston Band are now sorted. After a three way tussle between Grimethorpe , Fairies and ourselves I am pleased to announce that Norman Dawson will be our Sop player for the Nationals. It will cost us a packet of Marmite crisps at his first practice and some pork crackling after we have played at the contest but it is a bargain for a player of his calibre. We were willing to go as far as a fish lot to get the right man but thankfully signing Normon has save the band about 3 pound. Thanks Norm you are a gent.

30.06.2005, 23:34
Any soprano players need a new challange. Sop friendly band - we dont laugh at split top notes - not much anyway - require ambitious sop player to finish line up for national finals in Harrogate. Two days in top class hotel, blue rinse provided to blend in with locals and incontinence pants if required.

We are a happy friendly amitious band needing that extra octave only a class sop can give. Chance of working with pro conductor Bryan Grant on lead up to contest and have a couple of pints along the way.

Anyone interested phone or text 077 93 76 39 75

or even a PM if I remember to log on:rolleyes:

dave jake
19.07.2005, 16:42
We re still looking for sop for the finals in September pm me as Alan is unavailable at present cheers

Mrs Fruity
19.07.2005, 21:58
blue rinse provided to blend in with locals and incontinence pants if required.

Mmmmm - I'm seriously tempted ;)

19.07.2005, 23:15
... for national finals in Harrogate. Two days in top class hotel, blue rinse provided to blend in with locals and incontinence pants if required ...

Way out of order Mr Baton. I could take you to pubs in Harrogate where you'd be the oldest one in there - but I won't! Save your incontinence pants for on stage!



21.07.2005, 11:12
oh dear, see Wonky got a record this time... upsetting the locals BEFORE he even gets there!!! Ah well... better add to the ad, you need a wide and varied sense of humour and a hide like a rhino to play in our band, much mickey taking , but purely in jest... which makes us one of the friendliest and fun bands to be in, i'm sure many of our guest players out there would back that up!!
Wonky is indisposed at the moment, so he won't be able to respond for a bit... but i'm sure he will!

01.08.2005, 12:30
Way out of order Mr Baton. I could take you to pubs in Harrogate where you'd be the oldest one in there - but I won't! Save your incontinence pants for on stage!



I will look forward to it the younger the better for me:cool: !!

We are still desperate for a Sop and its now becoming very urgent. We did have a backup but this is now out of the window due to illness. Could anyone help even just for a few weeks until the Nationals on September 24th. I am back in hospital for another operation and will be incommunicado for at least 2 weeks so please contact anyone from the band. Contact details on the website www.dunstonband.com (http://www.dunstonband.com/):tup

dave jake
09.01.2006, 17:43
Dunston SilverBand an ambitious but friendly 4th section band have vacancies for a euphonium and a bass trombone player to complete our line up for the areas in March
[natoinal finalists 2005] please pm me or see our website for details.

dave jake
09.01.2006, 23:28
Euphonium position filled just leaves bass trombone now.

09.01.2006, 23:39
Well done, that was quick. Was the seat filled by a "tMPer" ?

dave jake
27.01.2006, 17:47
Thanks for responses pleased to say we now have a complete line up for the areas but still have a vacancy for bass trombone after teh contest.Any other players are always welcome

13.02.2007, 18:21
The Dunston Silver Band is looking for a new principal cornet to join after the Area contest; so i just wondered if there are any keen cornet players out there in the North East, who are looking to join our progressive, enthusiastic band.

22.04.2007, 21:21
We have a new principal cornet now but still need a front row cornet and a 2nd cornet to complete the team.
(We have been promoted to the 3rd section from January 2008)

23.04.2007, 21:19
Wow who you got Sue?

dave jake
24.01.2009, 21:15
Dunston Silver Band, a high riding 3rd section band from Gateshead require a Soprano cornet player to complete our lineup for the up coming Area contest and our push for honours and promotion.
PS we not only take banding seriously but we take enjoying ourselves seriously too!

please PM me if interested .

Edit: Threads merged as per tMP Recruitment guidelines

dave jake
01.05.2010, 08:49
Dunston Silver Band ( supported by Bristol Street Motors ) currently in the Northern Area 3rd Section require a Musical Director.
We rehearse Monday and Wednesday evenings in Dunston, Gateshead.If interested please pm me or visit our new website for more details.
Dave Jakeman elected Chairman

02.05.2010, 21:47
Where has Sue gone?

dave jake
14.05.2010, 20:17
The closing date for the MD position is the 1st June 2010 with auditions beginning the following week.
Cheers Dave