View Full Version : How does the reputation work....?

29.04.2005, 19:25
i understand that we can give each other reputation on posts etc- but how many to get the gold satrs etc- and what are the limits- how many are you allowed to give out- and why if i only have 6 or something reports of reputation, do i have 17 points, some are gold and some are green...arrgh....im easily confused- please help :-)

Chris Sanders
29.04.2005, 19:44
I have 10, 8 green and two gold, plus some of my earlier ones have disapeared, yet I only have 14 points... :confused:

29.04.2005, 23:03
There have been loads of threads posted about this recently, this one is probably the best:


...so I'm going to lock this one. ;)