View Full Version : Steven Mead - Symphonic Variants

19.04.2005, 12:01
Just wondering if anyone has bought or listened to this album recorded by Mr. Mead and the J.W.F. Military Band (Alex Schillings)?? Looks a good one for the James Curnow fans out there.


19.04.2005, 12:45
It's a first class recording, with Steve playing to his usual high standards, and some excellent work from the band. I picked up my copy cheap via ebay if I remember, and was most impressed ;)

19.04.2005, 12:51
I haven't heard the Concerto by Curnow yet. Sometimes I feel that he overcooks his established ideas (niche) and things sound a little repetitive over his output. Does he create something significantly different with this to stop possible boredom creeping in? (... for me at least).