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Bob Thompson
13.04.2005, 20:16
Stanhope Silver youngster forms an ‘all star band’ to ‘feed the world’

Briony Thompson, a 15 year old trombonist with the Stanhope Silver Band, which is based in Weardale, has embarked on an exciting and unique project to help raise funds for the ‘Make Poverty History’ campaign.

Acting on an initial idea by Stanhope’s conductor Steve Robson ( a long-time supporter of the charity ‘World Vision’ ) to record a fund-raising CD featuring four bands from the Durham area, namely Stanhope Silver, Ferryhill Town Band, Barnard Castle Band and Broughtons Brass Band, Briony took it upon herself to add that ‘something extra’ to the project. Her idea was to form a ‘celebrity brass band’, featuring some of the UKs finest banders, to record a brass band version of the Band Aid track ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas (Feed The World)’ for inclusion on this CD.

And so Briony set about on the daunting task of assembling the band!

The first telephone calls she made were to Roger Webster and Ian Porthouse, who Briony knew from a Summer School in Swansea. Both Roger and Ian have offered tremendous support for the concept and pointed Briony in the right direction in enlisting other brass band ‘stars’ for the line-up. As a starting point, Besson provided Briony with the contact numbers and e-mail addresses of al ltheir clinicians.

Obviously key to the project was finding a date that was suitable for the majority of the players – particularly considering the amazingly busy schedule these players have. The date eventually settled on was the 15th of May 2005. The enigmatic Richard Evans was then approached and was delighted to have a space in his diary and agreed to conduct the band. Richard is naturally very excited about the project, and in addition to the Band Aid track, Richard has been asked to select several other pieces for the celebrity band to feature on the CD.

The response received has been overwhelming – so much so in fact that players from all over the country are now contacting Briony directly asking to take part in the project! In addition to Roger and Ian, some of the players confirmed are Peter Roberts, Jim Shepard, Russel Gray, Richard Marshall, Mark Wilkinson, Lesley Howie, John Doyle, Katrina Marzella, David Childs, Mark Frost, Steve Sykes, Joe Cook, Matt Routley, Shaun Crowther, Danny Sinclair.

Alan Fernie was approached to arrange the track – and clearance has now been granted from the Band Aid trust for this arrangement to be made.

The recording will cost in the region of £5000 – a target which is well on the way to being reached – with all four local bands involved in the fund-raising. Of course any financial help is appreciated, so if you are interesting in contributing towards this, please use either of the following contact methods:

E-mail: Brionyt@aol.com (please use 'Brass Band Aid' as the subject of your email)

Telephone: 07786 026966
Private message on tMP: Briony (http://private.php?do=newpm&u=4489) or Bob (http://private.php?do=newpm&u=1238)
or post a reply to this thread.
Steve's 13 year old daughter, Sophie, who plays Flugel Horn with the Stanhope Silver Band, is also now heavily involved i nthe project, and is well on the way to raising £1000 via raffles etc.

Everyone involved in arranging this project is extremely proud to be involved, and with the recording set to take place in County Durham on the 15th of May the excitement is building up nicely! And judging from some of the responses received from the ‘stars’ taking part, they are all also looking forward to the occasion:

“I believe your project will not only benefit the 'make poverty history' campaign, but also contribute greatly to raising awareness of the arts and brass band playing generally in your community” David Childs

“I think it's a fantastic idea and I'm delighted to be asked to partake in the project!” Katrina Marzella
The CDs will be priced at £10 each and it is hoped that the initial stage of the project will raise in excess of £10,000 for the charity. However, it is hoped to replicate the project around the UK with other bands using the celebrity recording on their own CDs. Given the contacts already established, we see no reason why the project could not be replicated internationally.

Briony would like to thank everyone who has offered their services (free of charge too!) and also to those who were unable to help as a result of prior commitments, but passed on their messages of support for the project. She says "This project belongs to all brass banders and we have the opportunity to make a real difference for the Make Poverty History initiative".

Further details will be published as and when it comes available. In the meantime, if you have any questions please feel free to pm me, or post them in this thread, or use any of the contact methods listed above.

Other sources of information:

Make Poverty History: http://www.makepovertyhistory.org (http://www.makepovertyhistory.org/)
Stanhope Silver Band: http://stanhopesb.org/pub/FrontPage

14.04.2005, 23:36
Everyone at tMP wishes to congratulate all involved in this superb initiative, particularly young Briony – we feel this is an excellent and worthwhile cause to support – and having someone like Briony take it upon herself to take this enormous project on, shows the quality and enthusiasm we have in our grass roots banding. With people like her around the future of banding in this country is in very good hands indeed.

Of course we are all aware that the main point of this venture is to raise awareness and cash for the ‘Make Poverty History’ campaign, and we at tMP would therefore like to offer our full support to the project – starting with a banner ad campaign here on the site, coupled with regular updates on the stages of the project, band, line-up etc. and giving everyone the opportunity to offer their support for this excellent charity.

Let’s all get behind Briony, Steve and Bob and make this unique opportunity a success for the people in need.

All the best to you all.
John and tMP Team

15.04.2005, 13:28
Excellent stuff Bob - all the best with this venture - and please keep us informed of any latest developments.

Steve Robson
16.04.2005, 15:00
:clap: WELL DONE BRIONY. You had a simple, but brilliant idea, and followed it up with enthusiasm and a lot of hard work.
This started out as a small scale project to give 4 local bands something interesting to do and raise some money for World Vision, with the added hope that we may make a lot of people think about the "Make Poverty History" campaign. It seems that you have sprinkled "Gold Dust" on the project and made it into something that now belongs to the Entire Brass Band Movement.
A big THANK YOU, firstly to Roger Webster & Ian Porthouse for believing in Briony's idea & encouraging her to go on, and then to all the "Superstars" who will be giving up their day on 14th May {Local bands} & 15th May {Celebrity Band}, to make the "Brass Band Aid" recording: I can't find any words of sufficient magnitude to say how much your support is appreciated.
We were all delighted with how Briony's "Celebrity Band" came together, but none of us was really prepared for the surge of goodwill that has come from all corners of the banding community, to ensure that our project goes ahead and is well publicised. We are totally humbled by the amazing offers of support. I won't start to list any names now, as the list is so long, and growing. So for now, THANK YOU ALL.
I would like to say a special word of thanks to everyone in the "Mouthpiece.com" team for providing this forum. We look forward to working with you to ensure that "BRASS BAND AID" really makes a difference to help "Make Poverty History".
Everyone reading this is a very lucky person. We are all part of the family that is the Brass Band Movement, and can generate so much pleasure for ourselves and others. A window of opportunity has emerged for the whole band movement to make a HUGE contribution, both by raising a healthy sum of money for World Vision, and more importantly, by showing that we care.
These opportunities don't come along too often in life, so lets make it count.

Thank you to everyone who has helped so far, and if you want to become involved, please get in touch. :p

Steve Robson - Conductor of "Stanhope Silver Band" - Supporter of "World Vision"

17.04.2005, 18:37
What a fantastic idea! :clap: Best of luck with it! And keep us all updated about release dates etc. :)
Dawn x

17.04.2005, 22:47
fantastic, if theres anything i can do, let me know.

kel x

Bob Thompson
17.04.2005, 22:48
Hello folks,
Just thought you may be interested in the Brass Band Aid player list so far, its a bit tasty to say the least! here we go;

Richard Evans

Do they know its Christmas Arranger,
Alan Fernie

Roger Webster, Ian and Leanne Porthouse (when she pays her £50! :o)) Jim Shepherd, Richard Marshall, Russel Gray, Mark Wilkinson, Andy Holmes, Chris Turner( to be confirmed)

Sop. Peter Roberts

Leslie Howie, Mark Armstrong, Sandy Smith (to be confirmed)

John Doyle.

Katrina Marzella, Jim Thompson

David Childs, Glyn Williams (to be confirmed)

Steve Haynes, Gary Reed, Mark Frost, (Awaiting response from Christian Lyndberg!

Steve Sykes, Shawn Crowther, Jo Cook, Danny Sinclair, Matt Routley,

Bob Stevenson
Sarah Burns
still awaiting response for 2 more.

I'm pleased I'm not sorting the front row cornets out!!
If I've missed anyone out, please forgive me, as Briony will no doubt kill me!!

18.04.2005, 00:04
Tasty!! Are sure you haven't slipped some sneaky transfer forms in with all the organisational material?? ;) This a great initiative, I'll certainly be buying the CD when it comes out.

Neil Glynn
18.04.2005, 03:41
Absolutely fantastic idea, well done to all those involved.

Is this going to be a commercial release or are we only going to be able to buy a copy from certain places? Please keep us all posted as to when this fantastic CD is going to be available.

Bob Thompson
18.04.2005, 10:36
We have a few irons in the fire as it were in terms of sales, but we will keep you posted.
The project is expanding considerably, in addition to the CD, and everyone will have the opportunity to contribute over the course of the coming months.
We hope to bring you news of these developments very soon so keep checking in.

18.04.2005, 17:44
Hey TMP!
As everybody seems to be saying the thankyou's for me I just thought i'd come on and do it myself! It really is looking to be a fantastic success and that is down to all the people who have and are continuing to put their time and effort into it.
Thank you!:tup
Briony XxX

18.04.2005, 20:27
Good luck to you Briony, it seems like a huge undertaking for someone so young! It's such a worthwhile cause when you think of all we've got compared to those unfortunate people whose circumstances do not allow them to scrape even the most basic of livelihoods.

I'm sure that the recording will be a great experience, and you should be so so proud of what you've managed to do! :clap:

Bob Thompson
24.04.2005, 22:51
Hello everyone, just an update re player list.
Sandy Smith and Glyn Williams have confirmed their participation, outstanding!
And apologies to Bob Stephenson, (Reg Vardy),
Briony thrashed me with a cornet player for speeling your name incorrectly!!

Bob Thompson
13.05.2005, 21:57
Hello everyone,

Sorry we haven’t posted anything recently re Brass Band Aid, however, it’s been a tad busy to say the least.
As you now know, this weekend is the recording session for the 4 local bands and the Celebrity Band.
Everyone has confirmed their attendance, and is looking forward to a productive but fun weekend.

There have some exciting developments in respect of the project in terms of support and sponsorship, not least of which from TMp of which we are all very grateful
I will update you on the other developments after the weekend.

The 'Do They Know Its Christmas' track arranged by Alan Fernie is now complete. He rang the other day asking how many percussionists Briony had sorted for the recording, 3 was the response............Oh said Alan, you will need six!!
The score indicates an 'African Township Style'.......can't wait to hear it performed.

Richard Evans has given us the music he wishes to use for the celebrity bands recording and as you would expect from Richard, there's quite a range!..... not giving too much away, I do believe Peter Grahams 'Amazonia', from Windows of the World is on the list along with some other crackers!

Please don't forget, if you would like to get involved in Brass Band Aid, please contact us, our details are posted on this site, you can access our bands website for contact details and additional information by typing in www.brassbandaid.com this is a temp link for the pending Brass Band Aid site.

Cheers Bob

14.05.2005, 15:33
Just seen this thread! Can't wait to but the CD. What a fantastic idea and it's brilliant that so many top players have gone out of their way to support this :D

Bob Thompson
14.05.2005, 22:43
Hello everyone,
Well the first days recording is over, and boy what a mammoth session, 3 bands!!
The day went very smoothly, well, almost, apart from the odd hiccup, the usual stuff; valver player’s instruments dropping to bits.........sliders never present these problems! No bias here of course!!!

One or too of the celebs turned out for a blow a day early, it was great to have Joe Cook from Black Dyke and Jim Thompson from Reg Vardy, playing with the local bands. (If you both practice a little more we may even consider signing you up.......!)
Many thanks to Alan Beaumont to, who has stepped up to help the local bands and to Join the celeb Band tomorrow for the 6 part percussion in Alan Fernie's arrangement of Do they Know its Christmas.

Our web master has also been very busy, I see he already has a few pictures of the day on our website, if you want a look use the following link, they are in there somewhere, probably in the photograph section. http://www.brassbandaid.com/
Ok, I'm knackered now, more playing tomorrow, so speak soon.

Do you want to get involved?, e-mail us and find out how your band can take part in Brass Band Aid.
Bob and Briony

Bob Thompson
16.05.2005, 23:47
Yesterdays recording session with the celebrity band was nothing short of awesome. We will provide a fuller report when we get our breath back!
There are a few more pictures of the celebrity recording sesion on our web site if you would like to check them out.



Bob Thompson
16.05.2005, 23:54
Dont forget to sign our visitors book if you pop in.

22.05.2005, 20:14
As you may know the recording is now finished and we are awaiting a copy of the edited version prior to it being sent off for manufacturing.

We were extremely delighted by a wonderful offer of support from Trevor Caffull, managing Director of SP & S, who agreed to broker with ICC Dupilcation in manufacturing the first 3000 CD's free of charge in addition to paying the fee’s of the sound engineer.

Sp & S in association with Doyen Recordings Ltd will also edit and master the CD free of charge. Now you just cant get much better than that! :tup

The support for the project has been, without question, overwhelming. We would also like to thank Tmp for their continued support to, you have been superb.
Music publishers also came to the rescue a few days prior to the recording, as we were still unable to track down a few sets of music for the day. However, Just Music, Kirklees Music and Gramercy donated copies free of charge!
Mark Wilkinson of www.brassbandphotos.com, turned up at a days notice and took some amazing photographs of the days events, check them out on his website.

The recording day itself, well, it was simply amazing; imagine a Brass band where the third cornets are Chris Turner, BAYV, and Jim Shepard! A conductors dream, Need I say more?

At the pre recording there was much discussion about, who would via for the principle seat! Well there were no egos on show in this band, everyone of the cornet players were cueing up behind the 3rd cornet seats!
I’m not sure if this was for an easy ride on the chops though! (only kidding peeps).
Richard Evans, well, he was just a marvel, bringing that special magic to the event.

:( Sadly, Roger Webster was unable to attend as a result of illness, but I would like to thank him for his support by way of adding credibility to the project along with Ian Porthouse. (Roger, you do realise that we will have to have you thrashed at summer school in Swansea! :biggrin: ).

Alan Fernie’s eagerly awaited arrangement of ‘Do they know its Christmas’ was just wonderful. For me it was one of the best of many highlights over the course of the weekend. His arrangement really captured the spirit of the whole project; I can’t wait to hear it again on the CD. :clap:

Is there more, of course there is, the project won’t end in the production and sales of the CD. The project is set to develop even further and every band can play a role in its success.

Please get in touch for more information.

Thank you to everyone who has taken part and to everyone for their continued support in the future of ‘Brass Band Aid’.

Bye for now
Briony. :clap:

22.05.2005, 22:17
Thanks for the update Briony - sounds like a great day was had. It's so refreshing to see the whole banding community come together to support this initiative. Long may it last.

Okiedokie of Oz
23.05.2005, 01:18
A lot of Aussies can't wait to get their mits on the CD!!!!! :D

12.07.2005, 12:54
What's the latest state of play on this?

Bob Thompson
12.07.2005, 14:54
The 'latest on this', is well overdue, however this is beyond our control at the moment. We have hit a couple of delays in terms of the CD release and I'm sure you will appreciate that when companies are offering their services free of charge, it is very difficult to 'hassle them' as it were.
Having said that, we hope that a couple of gentle reminders send only this week will result in the CD being available in the next 2-3 weeks, am I holding my breath? I hope not!!

In respect of the overall project, World Vision, the charity we have been working with, has identified a specific project for Brass Band Aid to sponsor. The project is that of building and fitting out a school library in a town called Adet, in Ethiopia.
We will be given regular updates and photographs which will be published on our websites in order that everyone keep a track of the project as it develops.

In respect of Brass Band Aid, the following people have agreed to be Trustee's of Brass Band Aid;
Richard Evans, Ian Porthouse, Roger Webster, David Childs, Steve Sykes and Alan Fernie, which is superb news and what better ambassadors for the trust.

Many thanks for your patience, re factors beyond our control!
ps please feel free to get in touch either here, by e mail or by telephone should you wish to get involved or have any ideas to help promote the project.

Bob Thompson
15.07.2005, 15:05
Hello everyone,
We are almost there!.................we are also ready to launch the second stage of Brass Band Aid, so please keep posted, Hopefully your TMP director, John, will release the information later today or over the weekend re how everyone can take part in Brass Band Aid.

Check out the website if you haven’t already been, its in the early stages but getting there. I only noticed yesterday, we have had 33467 hits, but not to many comments in the visitor section, leave a comment, but remember, its not only for adults!!

Many thanks

19.07.2005, 18:30
I think that this is a fab idea cant wait 4 the cd n i will c if our band will pledge a concert. I think that every 1 should join in with this. :clap:

20.07.2005, 01:43
Hello, just to let you all know the next concert to raise money will be at Swansea University on the 29th July. As some of you will know the International Brass Band summer school is being held that week and at the end of each course the participants present a concert.

The band will be conducted by Bob Childs and feature many of the tutors, Roger Webster, Ian Porthouse, Steve Sykes, Chris Turner, David Childs. The list goes on.

The concert is free of charge; however there will be a collection in respect of Brass Band Aid.

So if you are in the area, come along, it’s free and from past experience, it’s a brilliant night with a wonderful programme and high standards of playing throughout the band, what more could you ask for.

Get involved, come along and support BBA. 'Music Making' a difference.


Bob Thompson

Bob Thompson
20.07.2005, 01:58
Hello, sorry about this, but the above message was entered by me, however my daughter Brionys friend, has recently regesterd and was using our pc, unfortunately she forgot to log out, hence, its under her name, Gordo.
Sorry re any confusion.
Bob, suffering from mental indegestion and a house full of teenagers!!

Bob Thompson
23.07.2005, 01:11
Just a notice.
The Brass Band Aid team are away for a week at the Swansea International Brass Summer School with a group of youngsters, so if you e-mail us and dont get a response for a while, you know why.
I will be back on the 31st Aug, and will respond to you then.
Many thanks
If you need to contact in the meanwhile please ring
07786 0268966.

Bob Thompson
16.08.2005, 21:13
Almost there!................I am advised that we should have the CD within the next 2 weeks.............you can check the front cover and playlist out on the website

Bob Thompson
25.08.2005, 11:39
Hello everyone,
Well at last.............the Brass Band Aid Cd will be available from the 2nd September....sighs of relief!

The CD is priced at £10 +one pound for postage and packaging. To find out how to order a copy visit our all new website: www.brassbandaid.com.
The site is in its infancy but we are getting there, suggestions welcome!

You can listen to audio clips from some of the bands, including the celebrity band.
Have a look around the site and please leave your coments, in particular check out the Trustess section and the events sections to see who is taking part so far, in fact, check them all out, You know it makes sense.!...............smiles.

Please get involved in any way you can,

Many thanks for your support,
Bob .

Bob Thompson
27.08.2005, 12:04
Just a minor request!

Would it be possible for any of you to place the Brass Band Aid logo on your Band websites? By doing this you would hopefully be further promoting the project and helping to maximise the impact.

You could go one better and join in by promoting a concert for BBA, or some other fundraiser, check the site out to see who is already involved and what they are up to. Dont forget there is no set formatt for supporting BBA, if you have any ideas. (no matter how whacky, as long as they are legal!) which may help please get in touch.

The logo, was designed by our Bass trombone player, John Grey, hey what can I say, sliders rule, no question!
So have a word with your webmasters or what ever they are called, then drop me an e mail and I will send the link to you, or you can nick it off the website;
We are taking orders for the CD now, £10 + one pound for p&p

Bob: brassbandaid@stanhopesb.org

27.08.2005, 13:07
I will certainly add the link to Flixtons site Bob :tup :biggrin:

Richard Dyson
27.08.2005, 23:01

Happy to add it to The Brass Herald (http://www.thebrassherald.com) site. Its on every page of the site so hopefully it should help you get more publicity for this worthwhile cause.


Bob Thompson
27.08.2005, 23:07
Thats brilliant thank you so much.
Sparkling, can you send me your e mail addy, the links on your profile are not working.


John Grey
28.08.2005, 09:29
Thanks Bob,
If anone would like to link to the Brass Band Aid website, I've put a selection of logos on this page (http://stanhopesb.org/bba/LinkToBBA)with the code to display these as links to Brass band Aid.
cheers, John

28.08.2005, 12:49
Thats brilliant thank you so much.
Sparkling, can you send me your e mail addy, the links on your profile are not working.


I have taken the images from the downloads on your site :) and added them but FYI you can contact me on rachel@themouthpiece.com :tup

Bob Thompson
05.09.2005, 18:12
There is now a Paypal facility on the BBA website, for those of you who like to purchase in the comfort of your own PC chair!



Bob Thompson
08.09.2005, 20:13
Special request,
The BBA Cd is selling very well, however, we would like to sell a thousand CD's over the course of the next week, this would allow us to release the money almost immediatley for the first stage of the School project in Ethiopia, to get under way. We are well on the way, but you can make it happen.

So, if you are considering a purchase, dont wait.......you know it makes sense!

Many thanks for you support,
ps, Who is going to start the Bidding on the latest offer from Brass Band Aid?
Check out the breaking news on www.brassbandaid.com and or the news forum on TMP.

08.09.2005, 21:52
Have added the site to our links page as well.
Heard the CD in Swansea at the International Summer School - excellent.
Ordered it as well.
:clap: Well done folks.

09.09.2005, 19:30
Hey tmp'ers,

I think we have sold about 400 in the last few days, so that is really brilliant.
If we cansell another 600 soon we have reached the first target.
All the other money we raise will be used to build classrooms.

So buy one soon, or buy more than one soon! so we can reach the target quickly.


09.09.2005, 19:30
Just say the link is on all 4 of my web sites,


also Bob there will be a cheque in the post for 20 of these fantastic recordings, looking forward to working with you again very soon.


Bob Thompson
20.09.2005, 21:58
Hello tMP's,
Everyone at BBA wish the contestants all the very best at the weekend in Harrogate.

Brass Band Aid will also be there in the foyer somewhere selling CD's, BBA
T-shirts,and hopefully a brand new composition written for BBA by Alan Fernie, will be available for sale at the weekend.
I havent seen the score yet, but I understand it has an African feel about it!

If you are down there, come and say hello, and let us know who you are re tMP nicknames. It will be nice to put a face to the name, or will it.........smiles!!

You will also have the opportunity to sign up and support Brass Band Aid!
Its ok, it doesnt mean you will loose your house, car or student loan, only the shirt off ya back!

ps, make sure you bring plenty of money, you know it makes sense!!
Look forward to seeing you there.
Me again

Bob Thompson
23.09.2005, 15:04
Advert Feature: TIG team up with Band Aid

The Totally Insured Group have teamed up with Brass Band Aid in a bid to raise further money for a great cause.

Totally Insured Group (TIG) is delighted to announce a new partnership with Brass Band Aid in their bid to raise money for a new school in Adet, Ethiopia.

As previously announced on 4BR, TIG is splitting its commission with bands to help raise valuable funds. Now you have the option to help Brass Band Aid too, simply by taking out new Life Insurance or re-brokering your existing Insurance through TIG to see if they could save you money on your premiums.

"This is a fantastic opportunity for bands to raise money through the Charity Aid scheme from TIG. We are now giving them the option to share their fundraising with Brass Band Aid should they wish. This way everyone wins"

~ TIG Group
Andrew Norman, Director of Charities for TIG said, “We have been in discussions with World Vision for a while to see how we can aid their work worldwide. This new partnership cements the great work Brass Band Aid are already doing, coupled with our own Charity work.
Bandsmen and supporters alike can select Brass Band Aid as their chosen charity when they take a Life Insurance, Critical Illness or Term Assurance policy arranged through TIG.

Fantastic opportunity

This is a fantastic opportunity for bands to raise money through the Charity Aid scheme from TIG. We are now giving them the option to share their fundraising with Brass Band Aid should they wish. This way everyone wins!”

Bob Thompson from Brass Band Aid added: "We are delighted to be associated with the ‘The Totally Insured Group’; this is a unique opportunity to contribute to the Brass Band Aid project in Ethiopia. Whilst your pocket is unlikely to notice the difference, hundreds of children will."

Bob Thomspon.
On behalf of BBA.

For more information visit www.brassbandaid.com and www.totallyinsuredgroup.co.uk/*bands

Totally Insured Group Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

25.09.2005, 20:31
It was great to meet some of the BBA crew on Saturday. I couldn't stick around too long, sadly, as I was being ushered out of the door to the coach. I hope the weekends fundraising raised shedloads of cash.

Bob Thompson
25.09.2005, 23:30
Cheers Wooden,
It was great to meet the tMP's too, and I was right, it isnt always pleasant putting the faces to the names!!

On a serious note, excuse the pun, some interesting discussions took place with the tMP team over the weekend, so keep watching the tMP spaces as it were!

In terms of the stand at the Nationals, well my feet are so sore that they are as sore as something thats really sore, but I cant quite think of what that something is at the moment, but regardless, they are that sore!

We arent sure how much everyone contributed in terms of CD sales and other related items, but it looks considerable. We will let you Know tommorow, as Sarah Burn, percussion at Reg Vardy, her mum and her Gran, were staying to the end and rattling the collection buckets for us. A real toupe of BBA super star supporters!!
Great to see you all, and hopefully, Pontins here we come!
nite all, my feet ache!

Roger Thorne
26.09.2005, 00:08
We arent sure how much everyone contributed in terms of CD sales and other related items, but it looks considerable.
I would imagine that with your fantastic sales pitch Bob, you would have raised a considerable amount!

"Have you seen the God Father madam"! :eek:

Nice to meet you, Briony and the rest of the Gang. This is a great cause, and the dedication of the BBA Team is absolutely amazing. Looking forward to meeting you all again at Pontins.


Bob Thompson
26.09.2005, 23:01
It would appear that the.."Do you have a gerbil?"........."do you love it? Would you like it back?" sales technique had some effect after all!

We raised approximately £1800 at the weekend, which is just amazing, thank you very much for your support.

In addition to the sales, the response from the band members and supporters was wonderful, many bands offering to get involved in some shape or form. So, don’t forget, get in touch and let us know what you are up to for Brass Band Aid.

I would like to thank the other traders on the day, whose support was most appreciated, especially Rosehill and World of Brass, who directed a steady flow of mints and tuba shaped sweets to our stand!!

Special thanks must go to TOR Designs/Handleys, for their outstanding support, having donated a tailored table cloth, polo shirts for those manning the stand, Stand banners and a line of 'official Brass Band Aid' merchandise with the BBA embroided logo . It really gave the stand a professional look, even if the folk working on it didn’t!

Most of the traders made donations of some sort to BBA for an auction event to be held sometime in the New Year, so keep your eyes posted for that one, there will be some amazing stuff up for grabs.

Now then, I cant go with out (and its starting to sound like the flippin Oscars now) saying mega thank you’s to Clare from Just Brass and Travel Sphere Band, who worked her bu** off in the couple of days and nights, running up to Harrogate, preparing the new music composed for BBA by Alan fernie, African Funk, and of course our conductor Steve who was up till 3 am inputting it onto Sib.

Clare is a rare breed, (thank the lord!) Her motivation for BBA is second to none, and all for the price of a kebab, which I might add, she has not received as yet! She managed to have the music copied, packaged and superbly presented for the weekend, thank you……..but don’t get carried away Clare, there is always room for improvement!
Oops I almost forgot, we still have your buckets!!

Thanks to everyone for your continued support, keep it going get involved it’s easy and it really is making a difference.
Hope to see you all at Pontins.
Cheers Bob.
now then, where's that Gerbil got too.................!

Roger Thorne
26.09.2005, 23:26
We raised approximately £1800 at the weekend, which is just amazing, thank you very much for your support.
That's fantastic news Bob - well done.

Let's see if we can beat that amount when tMP collect for BBA at Pontins . . . .


Bob Thompson
28.09.2005, 21:37
You know, it’s so easy when one is making thank you's in the Oscar style, to forget perhaps the most important people!
Well guess what.....................doh!!

I must thank Niki Bland and Philip Morris, Kapitol Promotions for their wonderful support for Brass Band Aid, since its inception.
In particular, I would like to thank them both for their most recent assistance, the space in the trade hall and table they donated at the Nationals, Harrogate, in support of BBA.

Apologies for the earlier omission, I will have myself thrashed!
Bob the Thrashed

Ps, should I forget to thank anyone in the future, please forgive me, the thankyou list is getting longer by the day!
One can only be thrashed so many times you know!

28.09.2005, 21:45
Don't worry Bob, you're forgiven...:) ;)

28.09.2005, 21:46
Then you'd better be prepared to bend over take 6 of the best then Bob, haven't you forgotten someone else? ;)

Bob Thompson
28.09.2005, 21:50
Dinnie, stop tormenting me ,tell me please..I cant take the stress and neither can my rear!

Did I mention that Alan Fernie has composed a new piece of music for BBA, called African Funk?
Only £12.00 available from Just Brass, its a nice little piece, Yorkshire Co op are playing it at their next concert on the 1st October. I would suggest all tMP's attend the concert for the premier, you know it makes sense. Anyone not attending, well............... have you seen the Godfather....we know where you live!

ps, is there somewhere better to advertise the music?

the rather sore

Roger Thorne
28.09.2005, 22:02
Did I mention that Alan Fernie has composed a new piece of music for BBA, called African Funk?

Those attending the Wychavon Contest this Sunday (2nd) will be able to purchase African Funk and the Brass Band Aid CD from tMP's and Thornes Music Trade Stands.


28.09.2005, 22:04
Dinnie, stop tormenting me ,tell me please..I cant take the stress and neither can my rear!

Did I mention that Alan Fernie has composed a new piece of music for BBA, called African Funk?
Only £12.00 available from Just Brass, its a nice little piece, Yorkshire Co op are playing it at their next concert on the 1st October. I would suggest all tMP's attend the concert for the premier, you know it makes sense. Anyone not attending, well............... have you seen the Godfather....we know where you live!

ps, is there somewhere better to advertise the music?

the rather sore

"well Bob, it dosen't take much to fathom out where it's best to advertise for free... does it???":biggrin:

Bob Thompson
28.09.2005, 23:07
xrtra Doh!

Bob Thompson
30.01.2006, 23:13
Hello Tmp's,
Last weekend we handed over the first cheque of 10 thousand pounds to world vision, at the Mineworlkers contest, Butilins.
Just to let you know, amazing news, we have now passed our second 10 thousand pounds target, taking the total raised so far to over 20 thousand pounds.

This is a huge sum of money and will go a very long way in the building of the school.
However, we cant stop here, we've only just begun, so go knock on your band commitees door and get them invlolved, concerts, collections raffles anything to raise the funds for the school. Together the Brass Band world is making a massive difference.
MAny many many thanks to you all for your support.


23.03.2006, 21:26
check out this,
don't know why there hasn't been any details about this concert on here, very local to me!

24.03.2006, 08:28
It should certainly be a good evening. Unfortunately, just as for the previous performance, I can't get there as we're in Reading with our songsters (choir). Apparently it's also Cup Final Day, so my West Ham supporting friend tells me!

Bob Thompson
16.04.2006, 19:01
Hello Tmp
Sorry I havent been on for a while but the time life balance has been somewhat mad in recent months. Anyway, I have spent the weekend updating the BBA website, which was a few weeks behind. Please have a look, and, if you are inclined leave a few comments in the comments section.
Please dont forget to register your band for the Brass Band A'Live Aid week in May, there are some wonderful prizes on offer too. www.brassbandaid.com

Many thanks for your support