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30.06.2003, 19:06
What pets do people have and why do they have certain names. I have a dog called Cassie (already named when I got her), a cat called Mindy (named by the husband) and a cat called Solo. Named as I found him in the car park at a solo contest.

30.06.2003, 19:10
their dead now but last pet i had was 2 rats called rock and roll

30.06.2003, 19:34
Here's one of my King Charles Cavaliers.... her name is Jessie...


and after a night out with her friends...


30.06.2003, 19:45
Man! That dogs gotta have a complex now :P

30.06.2003, 20:21
I;ve got a hamster called Vinnie (after Vinnie Jones) and a dog called Jackson who was found abandoned in Morrocco and ended up here via Gibraltar

30.06.2003, 21:03
I have a Cat called Scruffy, and a rabit called Alfie.
oh yer and Abigail(she can be a bit of an animal at times!! :lol: )

30.06.2003, 21:26
I have two cats:

Kitten Tikka, and her sister Kitten Bhuna.

Also had Kitten Jalfrezzi for a while (a ginger tom) but he was too hot to handle.

Bhuna eats popadoms but Tikka prefers cheese.

Disappointingly, neither will go near marmite.


Big Twigge
30.06.2003, 21:29
we have a cat called Vic (his brother, who is dead was called bob), two dogs Murphy and Purdy and some sheep. One of which is called Chop, then there's choplet, Ron and Harry, Brian and boy/bach/billy (name is undecided) and about 6 or 7 others.

just in case you wanted to know!

Mike Saville
30.06.2003, 21:57
We've got 2 cats - Lester & Dudley both of whom do a runner as soon as I pick a trombone up of its stand - I don't even have to play a note - they know what's comming.

30.06.2003, 22:15
Cookie and Elvis are my cats..............
Lister a RedSetter cross...............

30.06.2003, 22:35
I have 2 cats, both are pure white and are called Hermrone and Trelawyn.
They are rescue cats from the RSPCA and came with the names.
One cat runs when I get the Tuba out and the other runs once the first note is played!
Music critics or just sensible?

Mrs Fruity
30.06.2003, 22:59
We've got 2 cats - Lester & Dudley both of whom do a runner as soon as I pick a trombone up of its stand - I don't even have to play a note - they know what's comming.

When I was a very small fruity person I played the trombone- for about three weeks, as every time I played it, our wire haired terrier attacked my dad (never anyone else, strangely...)and also strangely, neither the ensuing cornet nor tenor horn had the same effect???...

30.06.2003, 23:10
Well I think we qualify as the local petting zoo :

1 Dog (Sam)
1 Cat (Ginger, aka "Pops")
2 Rabbits (Hazel & Bandit)
13 Rats (Sorbet, Tikka, Fudge, Bailey, Cream, Craker, Snowdrop, Boo, Mouse, Pepper, Dobby & Winky, Twink)
An Assorment of Fish (About 12 or so)
and a Hedgehog called (orignally) Spike

[edited cause I can't count!]

30.06.2003, 23:48
I want a cat and am working on it! infact we have chosen a name already 'Wenzel' :D I do have a killer fish (a jaguar chichlid) it is massive and in a tank of it's own. It has to be fed prawns and live stuff :shock: although it is still at my mum's house and has been 'adopted' by my niece so not a brilliant chance of getting that back. My bf has just built a 5 grand koi pond in the garden but the fish don't have names :cry: so not really pets :cry:

30.06.2003, 23:59
I've got a mad terrier (heinz 57 varieties, even the RSPCA don't know what breed he is) but my inlaws have a rather odd collection of tarantulas

01.07.2003, 08:36
Two cats in our house.

Gemma and Daisy are our 2 lovable moggies from the local cats protection.

When Daisy was a kitten she used to go to sleep in my horn case while I did my practise! Now she does a runner as soon as the first note is played.

Phil Green
01.07.2003, 09:05
I had two mental Boxer dogs, Bruce and Gemma, both sadly dead now. Got them from a Boxer Rescue home and they were the most nervous and worst behaved animals you could possibly imagine as they'd been mistreated as puppies and left to get on with it!
I couldn't leave them in the house as they'd eat the furniture, not just destroy it, actually eat the wood and material and carpet, so many visits to the vets. I ended up having to buy a car specially for them (they ate the back seat and roof lining of my first car) and took them everywhere or had to pay for people to 'dogsit' them.
Anyone who knows boxers won't find this much of a surprise. I adored the both of them and paid hundred and hundreds of pounds for dog psychology/training/electric shock (only joking) but none of it worked. They were just both tapped!

Being single and playing in Fodens prohibit further pets unfortunately (I'd only want a dog) but if circumstances change..


01.07.2003, 09:09
We've currently got five cats, two of which we inherited when our daughter returned home for a while after a period in her own flat. Although she's moved out again, where she is now is not really suitable to take them with her, so she's got a hamster instead and the cats are stuck with us.

At various times we've had hamsters, a guinea pig, goldfish and a rat (domesticated of course), and when I was a lad I kept stick insects for a while.

Our youngest cat, Goran, was named after Goran Ivanisevich when he won at Wimbledon.

01.07.2003, 10:17
I once had a dog called Deefer.........Yep that's right......Deefer dog. :roll:

01.07.2003, 10:40
Where's the rabbit option!? I have 1 rabbit called Sweep, we had a Sooty too but she died. :( I've also had budgies, Lucy, Ben and Jenny

01.07.2003, 10:45
When I was growing up we prety much always had cats but I'm not supposed to have pets where I live now :( So I'm having to make do with three Shubunkins (goldfish to the rest of us)

01.07.2003, 11:17
Where's the rabbit option!?

I think the rabbit ended up in the stew...mmm, very tasty :wink:

01.07.2003, 11:24
Where's the rabbit option!? I have 1 rabbit called Sweep, we had a Sooty too but she died. :( I've also had budgies, Lucy, Ben and Jenny

Use the Rodent options Jul.. ;)

I have a cat called Pipsk, eats all sorts of non-cat things, like cheese and spaghetti bolegnaise, and Taytos (crisps to you philistines), but not any other type of crisp..

01.07.2003, 11:39
I have a large ginger tom called ' Macavity', as he is extemely mischeivous when he's not busy chilling out!!!! He has an 'M' in light ginger that runs from forehead to tip of his tail, indicating he is a purebreed apparently!!??
THe actually runs to greet you when you get back from work but the annoying thing is though he follows you aroung like a dog though and always wants to be picked up, when not eating the local wildlife (birds' rabbits' mice, voles etc).

01.07.2003, 12:02
Our Cat was bought off my mums gay hairdressers, who named all their cats after gay icons... hence ours is called Oscar after Oscar Wilde. Not very interesting, but hey.

The Judge
01.07.2003, 12:30
Currently have a Golden Retriever named Charlie, six years old and rather handsome. He's currently looking for a girlfriend but can't find any that aren't complete *******. :wink:

My nine year old daughter also has a hamster & a goldfish.

Di B
01.07.2003, 12:32
I once had a dog called Deefer.........Yep that's right......Deefer dog. :roll:

A bit like a mate of mine his cat is called 'C' :?

My cat is called Timmy.... after a pony... which probably says something about my psyche! I was only a kid when I got him though.

Best name I have heard of was the lady I used to babysit for in my younger years. She got a black cat and called it Satan. Her reason? She found it hilarious to see the faces of neighbours as she stood on the doorstep and shouted 'Come in Satan!'

Guess it takes all sorts!

01.07.2003, 12:41
I've got a cat named Hollie, had another one called Joey but he ran away.

01.07.2003, 12:57
my parents have my lovely cat with them as I got her when I was 15, and so it would have been cruel to bring her with me up to newcastle whewn I finally left home. She is called Sasha and is a tortoiseshell and she is still like a naughty kitten even though she is 13 years old!!!
I had a hamster called hamish but he sadly died last May :(
Want a cat, and a scottie dog!!!!!

01.07.2003, 13:10
Oh.. my sister had a cat called General Alacazaar III (from Tintin) but she just generally (hehe pun) called him "The General" with the article..

01.07.2003, 17:41
I've got loads of animals. 2 dogs 2 parrots 2 guinipigs 2 rabits 3 cockatiels and some tropical fish keep me very busy One of my dogs is called defer yes D for dog :D :D

dave jake
01.07.2003, 19:33
8) :lol: :wink: I copied off Big Col and have reared my very own Sea Monkeys

01.07.2003, 21:14
...Taytos (crisps to you philistines), but not any other type of crisp..

Yummy, Taytos!!!!

I have two dogs, April (funky, 5 year old Spinone) and Buster (bonkers, ancient, one eyed spaniel).

We took in Buster as the woman who had him couldn't cope, and he is quite mad. We have to put him on sedatives.

We've had several cats - Sylvester, Felix, Twiggy... all dead now.

Also I had a hamster called Parsnip for a few years, when he died I got Muffin. I had her for a few months but April ate her.

03.07.2003, 12:16
Charlie + Matilda the cats
Alice + Phoebe the laboradors (spelling?)
Jimmy the tortoise
Pinky + Perky the goldfish (won for a pound each in Blackpool, still going strong since the NW area)

satchmo shaz
03.07.2003, 13:27
I had a St bernard cross called bernie, who sadly died last year, now I've got a mad collie cross from a rescue place, he is called scrappy and he loves all the music that goes off in the house :)

03.07.2003, 13:56
I had a St bernard cross called bernie, who sadly died last year, now I've got a mad collie cross from a rescue place, he is called scrappy and he loves all the music that goes off in the house :)

All these cross animals , you really ought to stop upsetting them the RSPCA may get on to you :D , give em a bonio that usually calms them down a bit!

03.07.2003, 16:11
I have...
A blue roan cocker spaniel called Bramble
A labrador called Bonnie
A tropical fish tank, Fred, Eric and Roy (kissing gourami and Tiger barbs)
An African Grey parrot called Crunchie
A koi fish pond including, orange head, sharky, guiness, wally, and many more.
A hamster called Doug
And I would like some chipmunks.


03.07.2003, 18:47
A dog called Scruffy (terrier cross) and 2 cats (Smudge and Charlie)

06.07.2003, 11:18
I have a Sister......now thats a dangerous animal. especially when practising.......i bought her a tuner - but i dont think she has figuredout how to use it yet.......YEEeouwwwwch.

but other than that i have a dog, collie-cross- Labrador- she is gorgeous.

x :lol:

P.s my sis ain't that bad.....at playing.

06.07.2003, 13:00
currently hav :
Dog - Sam
Cat - Belle
Rabbits - Cadbury, Midnight and Bouncer (came with a name)

over the years hav gone through various animals just the usuall budgies, hampsters, mice, rats, canery, gerbals, finches, slow worm, piguin, sparrow

our dog is mad, comes down our stairs and turns left when the stairs go to the right, and they always have, and he is scared of the rabbits and the cat :roll: sam is from an RSPCA rescue place, they told us he was a labredor, but we now think he is a whippet cross god knows wot else.

the piguin took refuge in my jounior school and was injured so my mum brougt it home till it was better - released it in our back garden, but it wouldnt leave
and the sparow flew in the back door, ended up completly trashing the house before we managed to get it out of the house, and once we did -again it wouldnt leave the garden

had a dog rescued from greece once - which was fun - cos she was trained - but in greek - so we had to call her and everything in Greek which got a bit confusing when greek for come is Ella and the cat was then Bella - therefore - cat now called belle.

12.10.2004, 16:57
Have always had cats!

The best were the two i had ages ago: Kit and Kat :)

genious! :)

six pints
12.10.2004, 17:03
our oldest is penny the cat (18), then glen the dog (11), then sky the bird (3) and then a brand new baby kitten called tiger!! not too many but considering my mams a childminder we always seem to have a house full of kids and animals!

12.10.2004, 23:50
my inlaws have a rather odd collection of tarantulas
that would be my worst nightmare realised!

we have a dog - barney (named by lil bro)
a cat - pepper (named by me :D)
some fish - nameless
some deagus - sydney, squeak and fatso (but we cant really tell em apart so it pik n mix!)
some more fish (at me mums) - bubbles, nemo and bruce!
my brother - david. (we're not sure wot species yet but we're workin on it :P)

Liz Courts
13.10.2004, 09:47
At the moment we have a dog called Megan (named after her mum), and several fish which don't really have "proper" names...

We used to have a hamster called Klikk, and seven guinea pigs - Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil (named after the Rugrats!), Squeak, Shadow and Toffee. :biggrin:

13.10.2004, 12:57
Only 4 at the mo :-( but I'm working on it, collectively called the four-paws
Hamish the Westie (I had nothing to do with that one - Hamish McBeth was on TV when my old man got him!)
Molly the Labrador, and Harry and Odo the moggies - all trekkie names

I've also had a few rabbits, including Murphy and Beamish (aka Fang & Gnasher, the vicious little darlings), and loads of rats (including a black one called Bubonicus!)

13.10.2004, 13:22
Well heres an update from my previous post :

2 Dogs (1 up from last post) Sam and Bella (A minature Jack Russell who needed a loving home)
2 Rabbits (Hazel & Bandit)
1 Cat (Pops)
A Load of tropical fish (little ******s have been breeding)

20 Rats...

Boys : Smudge, Oz, Bert, Butler
Girls : Willow, Blackberry, Bailey, Dobby, Winkey, CoCoa, Sprinkles, Tikka, Mouse, Snowdrop, Minstrel, Twink, Bou, Fudge, Cream, Cracker

13.10.2004, 13:23
Mum still won't let me have one!!

13.10.2004, 13:28
Too right too. You can't have one, they should only be sold in Pairs :D

13.10.2004, 13:29
Heheheh! Well do you know what happened to Scabbers?

13.10.2004, 13:33
Unfortunately i have some sad news regarding our cat Scruffy.

she went missing last thursday evening, and hasnt been seen since.:-(

weve looked all over the estate, in garages, everywere we can think of. we have the postman looking out for her (weve found out he had a soft spot for scruff).

things arnt looking to good:-(

Sad days indeed

13.10.2004, 13:35
Ah, I'm sorry craig.

I hope you find her soon.

13.10.2004, 13:39
Ah, I'm sorry craig.

I hope you find her soon.to be honist Li'il dude, i think weve seen the last of her, shes getting on now, and never ventures far.

13.10.2004, 14:00
I have 4 cats:-

Jacob is a 12 year old tabby and so called because of a large black cross running across his shoulders and down his back - something religous, you did ask!

Fudge is 10 and a ginger tabby - colour inspired name

Jess is 4 and black & white "Postman Pat has a......................." Yes, I work for the Post Office :rolleyes:

Scooby is a 3 year old tabby and named by my step daughter who is mad on Scooby Doo! :shock:

13.10.2004, 14:09
I'm a bit wary of the "combination of the above" option...
are people practicing amatuer xenografting in the comfort of their own homes? Just wait til the next lightning storm.... it's alive Igor, It's alliiiive!!!


13.10.2004, 15:17
I'm a bit wary of the "combination of the above" option...
are people practicing amatuer xenografting in the comfort of their own homes? Just wait til the next lightning storm.... it's alive Igor, It's alliiiive!!!

God help us in our house then... a jack-rabbit-russell-cat-beagle-rat-fish!

ian perks
11.11.2004, 16:12
I have a CAT whos name is Berlioz, but she as not wrote any music for brassbands to play yet, apart from meow,meow ,meow:-(

11.11.2004, 22:38
We have three cats...

Toonces (who resembles the SNL driving cat (http://www.mirandala.org/blog/PHOTOS/toonces.jpg) )

Spatz (Dianamites avatar who is a tabby with white feet) and...


11.11.2004, 22:48
I've got 2 cats...

Frisky (attached) and Cocoa! Cocoa's loverly, but Frisky's a female dog, she scratches like hell!

11.11.2004, 22:49
Just embarked on starting out family of ....... Tropical Fish.... Got a 46 Gallon Aquarium here, and it certainly is relaxing watching them.. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

11.11.2004, 23:15
their dead now but last pet i had was 2 rats called rock and roll
We have 2 guinea pigs called rocky and rolly, named after rock and roll... well their my bros.. but my mum looks after them :rolleyes:

11.11.2004, 23:18
We have 2 guinea pigs called rocky and rolly, named after rock and roll... well their my bros.. but my mum looks after them :rolleyes:
Whoops, that was me Vickitorious, vicki, vixter, whoever, whatever .... But because Mum was on my computer earlier, it's signed on as her...

So it was me..... it was me... hahah! ;) :cool:

11.11.2004, 23:36
i have a little white bichon frise called Dilly. he is soooo cute!

12.11.2004, 00:14
I can verify that. but he has ****ed on you aimee!! lol

Dave Payn
12.11.2004, 00:17
As mentioned in the 'Urgent call for super sop and HBB' thread, we have acquired a lovely (but feisty) kitten by the name of Maurice G. Fawkes (Maurice, 'cos I liked that name! - and G.Fawkes because we got him on November 5th! ;-)) The November 5th link made me consider naming him 'Remember the firework code' but we felt that he would have had trouble answering to that! - as if he's going to answer to Maurice G. Fawkes! :)

Dave Payn
12.11.2004, 00:20
I also have a half a bee called Eric....


12.11.2004, 01:24
i dislike cats intensely, but have a dog called arnie, so called because he beat me into the ground the first time we met in an arnold schwarzenegger styleee...

13.01.2006, 12:42
Thought I'd resurrect this thread cause my list has grown (though I think all the rats previously mentioned are no longer with us :( ).

Dogs x 2 (Sam and Bella (aka scary bella, see avatar!))
Rabbit x 1 (Hazel)
Cat x 1 (Ginger (Aka Mr Pops))
fish (Numerous tropical)
Mice x 2 (Tricksie & Dixey)
Rats x 17
Girls :
http://www.fancy-rats.co.uk/community/images/smiles/ratty_girl.gif Flossie, Freckles, Meena, Neelam, Cheese, Pickle, Azzura, Sapphira, Havoc, Chaos, Dexy & Eileen, Willow, Spot, (another whos Name I forget)
Boys :
http://www.fancy-rats.co.uk/community/images/smiles/ratty_smile.gif Butler & Bert

(I think thats everything)

13.01.2006, 13:20
We've got.......

1 Dog (Jake)
2 Cats (Tiger and Stan)
1 Budgie (Joey)

13.01.2006, 13:40
I think everyone knows I have a doggy called Milo! Milo is 'just a dog' he doesn't have a breed! He's just had his 3rd Birthday and we'll have had him 3 years on the 7th Feb! He came from the Dogs trust and was originally Tim!

I was asked two weeks before my 17th birthday if I could have anything for my birthday what would I have? and of course I said a puppy (I'd asked for a puppy every year since I can remember!) and mum and dad we're like, ok then! :tongue: and we went to the Dogs Trust :D Mum and Dad thought I'd choose one of the many fluffy collie pups they had in, but I chose Milo because he's gorgeous!

We called him Milo because we got him just after my brother left for Uni and wanted to give him a name with some relation to Kev, Kev once dressed up as Milo from the Tweenies when he worked at Safeway! :tongue:

Here's a photo of Mr Gorgeous!

http://img294.imageshack.us/img294/2896/milospecs0on.th.jpg (http://img294.imageshack.us/my.php?image=milospecs0on.jpg)

Yes I love my doggy! :tongue:

Other pets we've had include two guinea pigs called Tom and Jerry, except Jerry was twice the size of Tom!
Two mice called Harry and Mortimer who lasted a combined total of about two months!
And a hamster called Honey!

13.01.2006, 14:04
Fi, don't forget you had a squirrel! Albeit for a short while. ;)

13.01.2006, 14:29
Is your dog wearing glasses Fi? :eek: How cool is that? :clap: :tup

13.01.2006, 14:29
I've got a lush dog called Ruskin, but he lives at home with my parents. He was a stray, he likes eating snotty tissues from the bin, he's well classy!

13.01.2006, 14:48
For 19 years, our hosue was graced by the presence of "Beaker", a great cat with loads of character. Sadly, he passed on last year.

We now have 2 kittens called "Trigger" and "Boycie" - no prizes for guessing where the names came from.

Will the Sec
13.01.2006, 14:50
Oh, that's easy! Alan Sealey was known as Trigger, and Ronnie Boyce was known as Boycie. :rolleyes:

13.01.2006, 14:56
Is your dog wearing glasses Fi? :eek: How cool is that? :clap: :tup
Only because Fi's not that into Animal Rights!

Brian Bowen
13.01.2006, 15:04
We have two cats: Oliver (shown in my avatar) and Nickleby (Nicky). I've also had dogs in the past and love their company.

13.01.2006, 15:41
I've got two cats: Friskey (a female Tortoiseshell) and Cocoa (a fat greedy black cat!)

13.01.2006, 16:41
i have a doggy. called meg. or meggy. or meggy dog, or deggy mog.

she's a white jack russell. she's horrible. she bites people. she looks cute tho. and is cute when she's wiv me. i like my doggy. except when she bites people and gets her white dog hairs on my black/dark clothes

13.01.2006, 17:14
aww no fair!! i dont have ANY!!! we used to have loads! i'm desperate for a dog but we're tooootally not allowed one, and i'm not allowed another cute bunny wabbit cos the local fox managed to break into the hutch and get my last two! its so sad!! :cry:

13.01.2006, 17:19
I have a tortoiseshell cat called Dandy who is very pretty, but can be a bit naggy! She's about 18 years old now, so she's getting on a bit.... My parents look after her. I dread the day when that inevitable phone call comes...:(

I'd like to get a cat to live with me in Reading. Unfortunately, he or she would have to be a house cat as I live in a flat and don't have a cat flap. I'm still debating whether or not this is fair to the cat or not, although I know some cats live very happily like this.....

13.01.2006, 19:39
nowadays i only have topical fish because they don't take much looking after and being boring i haven't given them names. i called my first five after my old housemates but have about 30 now so i would know one from another anyway, actually my scucker fish (pleck) called bernard just cos.

they dog we used to have when i was a kid (may him rest in pece) was called boris, after boris the spider cos he was black and hairy!!

13.01.2006, 20:33
I have a dog called Molly but she answers to Poopy Dog too! Also have 2 fish called Kylie and Elvis!

13.01.2006, 20:42
Yes milo is wearing specs! there my mums, so she has the same size head as milo! :tongue: according to my brother I should get done for letting milo wear specs and a flashing head band at new year, but its ok for him to feed the dog beer and christmas cake!

And I can vouch for Sarahs dog Meggy's teeth! She is very very very cute to look at but her teeth are sharp! especially in your toe! :tongue: I'm all healed now though and I still think she's beautiful!

13.01.2006, 20:59
Currently have 1 dog called Robbie. Affectionally known as Nobby for reasons you can possibly imagine!! We didn't name him as he's a rescue dog. Like Sarah's Meg, he looks very cute, but has nasty pointy teeth!! He's a staff bull cross, but looks like a jack russell on steroids!

Previous dog was called Oscar, or 'Big O'. He was a boxer/labrador cross & was built like a brick **** house! Cute as, & the best dog, personaility wise, I've ever had. Unfortunately, he died when he was 5. Bit of a sick animal. He had haemalitic aneamia (sp?) when he was a year old, then jaundice & then he ate a birthday cake which caused his stomach to twist. He'd died while he was recovering from an op. Still cry when I think about him.

When I was a kid, we had a retriever called Tina & then an alsation called Sadie. A very hard as nails ginger Tom called Trix, short for Trixie!! Vet told us we had a lovely tomcat, then when he went for the snip, we were informed differently!! Then a black tom called Sixpence, cos he wasn't a full shilling!! Also had a cat called Poppet at one point.

Others include guinea pigs, Percy, Pippa & Penny. A hamster called Honey & numerous fish!!

Daisy Duck
13.01.2006, 22:46
How ironic that I should come across this thread today...

My mum called me at 8:00 this morning to tell me that our nearly 19 year old cat, Sphinx, was near the end. She's been ill for a while, but she hadn't eaten since Tuesday and Mum wanted to take her to the vet to have her put to sleep.

I got the rest of the day off work (although my boss was rather unsympathetic) and drove up to north London, spent the afternoon with my beautiful, wonderful cat and then went with her and my mum to the vet.

At 4:05 pm today, Friday 13th January 2006, Sphinx was put to sleep. She was very brave and it was peaceful. I took her collar home with me and every time the bell jangled in my bag, I thought she was there.

For me, Sphinx was like another sister. I was 10 when we got her and she listened to all my worries when my parents got divorced and then all my teenage melodramatic moments. When I lived at home, she slept in my bed next to my head every night. She was a fantastic cat - she loved catching birds, mice, even squirrels when she was younger. Hopefully she's gone to Cat Heaven where she can chase birds to her heart's content. She liked Marmite, sitting on my mum's lap and lying in the sun. She hated music of all forms (unfortunately she lived in a house where my mum is a pro violinist and other instruments played in the house include piano, trumpet and cello).

Anyway, sorry to be a bit depressing... Sphinx brought a lot of happiness to my life, my mum's life and my sister's life. When I'm ready, I will be getting myself a kitten and I will name it Marmite in memory of Sphinx and her favourite food.

13.01.2006, 22:52
awwwwwwwww :( poor sphinx, sounds like you gave her a lovely fantastic life :D I don't know what its like to lose a pet yet, because all the other pets we've had we're my brothers, but I do not that if I lost Milo i'd be heartbroken. Pets (especially catty and doggy type pets) are great companions, Milo is much more than just a doggy! he's my little man and my best mate! I can't even contemplate life without him.

I feel for you Daisy and I hope its not to long before you get a marmite and that he or she will bring you as much happiness as sphinx clearly did :D

13.01.2006, 23:26
Unfortunately bagpuss and I aren't allowed to have pets at the mo as we are renting our house.

My mum has my 3 babies

Cat 1 Tabitha (Aka Tabs, fat cat etc) 12 year old tabby cat with a liking for the taste of human feet, and any cheese or other morsel she can sneak from your plate.

Dog Jemima (Aka Jem, Mima, Puddle Yuck etc) approx 12 year old and incredibly stupid but sweet tricolourjack Russell (Adopted at approx 12 months from owners who loved her brother but kept her locked in a shed)

Cat 2 Misty (Aka Dense fog) 3 1/2 year old washed out looking grey tabby. Very sweet, bit of a dare devil....prey includes a perfect raw pork chop, mice, frogs, birds and a very large slow worm

Bagpuss's parents have 2 elderly cats Mummy aged approx 15 and Baby Mummy aged approx 12.........former cats include lumpy, F.B.R.T.C. (Fat black rat t*** cat) and variations on a similar theme.

Have also had a budgie called budge, rabbit called bun, various fish and stick insects. Bro has had a tarantula or 2 and a pair of skinks. Bagpuss's parents also used to breed German Shepherds, the last of which Sandy was epically stupid, for example chased a squirrell and had to be rescued from the first fork of a huge oak tree!!

14.01.2006, 14:02
My dog (see Avatar) was already named JACK when we got him from the Animal Welfare last January. The vet said he was approx. 2 years old when we got him so now he's approx. 3
He is a very loving dog and likes lots of cuddles. He SNORES very loudly. He is friendly with people and other dogs but HE HATES PIGEONS.
His favourite activity is playing football. He is a world champion at 'keepy-uppy' with a balloon and his nose!

14.01.2006, 15:12
At Uni in Manchester i have a Hamster called Figaro and at home i have two dogs. Blackie which is a black lab cross and Judy a Jack russell cross, they are both rescue dogs.

15.01.2006, 01:33
You can keep pets at Uni?! :eek: