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Will the Sec
18.03.2005, 11:55
Dear all,

A friend of DP and me died yesterday, and in memory of him, I propose we play a game of "Late Arrivals at the Musicians' Ball".

Jon Smith was a big fan of "Just a Minute" and "I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue", and was a master of this game.

So, I'll start you off with...

"Ladies and Gentlemen, would you please welcome...."

Mr and Mrs Fonium, and their brass band addicted son, Hugh.


Rest in Peace, Jon. Whenever I hear the Floral Dance I'll think of you.

18.03.2005, 12:00
(where is Mr P. these days?, been awfully quiet..)

No ball could be complete without the Ductors and there lovely daughter Connie (known as Con)....

Laserbeam bass
18.03.2005, 12:00
Mr & Mrs demicfestivaloverture and their son Acker

18.03.2005, 12:14
And of course there's Mr & Mrs Tone and their son Barry :D

Laserbeam bass
18.03.2005, 12:45
Mr & Mrs Electrician and their Son Philip the Sparkes

Janet Watkins
18.03.2005, 14:51
Leading the big parade, please welcome.......................

Mr & Mrs Sixtrombones and their son Zebedee

Will the Sec
18.03.2005, 15:16
Mr and Mrs Gellhorn and their daughter, Flo.

(I see DP's around - Dave, can I borrow your coat?)

Laserbeam bass
18.03.2005, 15:24
Mr & Mrs Higginbottom - Bennett and their Son Gordon

18.03.2005, 15:43
Mr & Mrs Trombone and their old fashioned son George known to everyone just as G

Laserbeam bass
18.03.2005, 15:44
Mr & Mrs MacFleegle owners of the confectioners Celtic Sweet

18.03.2005, 15:51
Mr & Mrs Army-Band and their daughter Sally

Laserbeam bass
18.03.2005, 15:53
Mr & Mrs upthestairs and their indecisive son Alfie

18.03.2005, 16:14
Mr and Mrs Flat-Bass, and their two sons, eefie and beefie

18.03.2005, 22:44
Mr & Mrs Balcrash...... & there beautiful daughter Sym!

http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/5/5_2_105.gif (http://www.smileycentral.com/?partner=ZSzeb001_ZNxuk156AZGB)

19.03.2005, 01:18
Mr and Mrs Zee and their son Ryan, accompanied by their friend Mr Ner, and his comedian son Richard, commonly known as Richard "wag" Ner.

Mr and Mrs Estra, great Tolkien fans, and their daughter Orca.

Mr & Mrs Valdi and their daughter Vi.

. . . and special guests from the London area, specially for today, Mr Age and their son, Steven ;)

21.03.2005, 00:54
Mr and Mrs Coda and their son Al.

21.03.2005, 12:43
Here some i've just spied entering the ball ...

Mr & Mrs Tary-Band and their daughter Millie

Dad Ching band and his wife, and mother of his son, Ma

Mr & Mrs Across the meadows and their three wonderful daughters collectively known as the Belles

Mr Sclock, his father and his father, who is usually know as Grandfather

Mr & Mrs Test Music and their daughter Con

Mr & Mrs Ilworth and their son Ken

Mr & Mrs Fanc Judges and their son Les

Mr & Mrs Ushla and their Scottish euphonium playing son Mac

Mr & Mrs Voce Poca Fa & their daughter Una

22.03.2005, 23:45
Courtesy of the latest round of Birthday Honours, we present Dame Elza.

From Scotland, Mr & Mrs Ini and their son, Ross, followed by the Credis and their son, Tam.

Mr and Mrs Hitthetopc and their son, Willy.

Mr & Mrs Iamtell and their son, Will.

Mr & Mrs Ionalanthem, and their son, Nat.

23.03.2005, 13:42
Here's a few Salvationist types coming through the door....

Mr & Mrs Of the brave and their daughter Amy

Mr & Mrs Shine Mountain and their son

The American Mr & Mrs Apolis IV and their daughter Minnie

Mr & Mrs Is the victory and their daughter Faith

Mr & Mrs Tivation and their daughter Mo

Mr Esty and his daughter Madge

Marching in now is young Mr Erney and his dad Old

Mrs Hill and her daughter Rose

and finally ...

Mr & Mrs Other name who's daughter became and catholic and a Bride of Christ, ie a Nun

23.03.2005, 17:56
Don't forget ...

Mr Alexander Eggrow - usually known as Al
Mr Archie, Viv Archie

and the two lovely ladies known as

Sally Army, Carol Books