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26.12.2004, 14:48
6 to go

26.12.2004, 14:52
I'll send you an ecard on the big day. :D

26.12.2004, 14:53
Cheers Grooves!

26.12.2004, 14:57
No probs!

Naomi McFadyen
26.12.2004, 14:58
Til New Year I take it? :p

mmmm... Scarey...

26.12.2004, 15:03
(well, and my birthday)

Naomi McFadyen
26.12.2004, 15:11
OOOooooooooooooooooh... now I get it...... hinting for cards and pressies and recognition for his birthday........ :rolleyes:

You know.... it doesn't get any better getting older... so dont get too excited :p ;)

26.12.2004, 15:12
Does for me! I can start to drive (caution to any drivers or people living in London or Middlesex!)

Naomi McFadyen
26.12.2004, 15:21
Yea... and the expense which comes with driving is brill :rolleyes:

I'll keep away from where you live though.... thanks for the warning ;)

Keep safe.

27.12.2004, 18:22
5 to go!

29.12.2004, 23:39
OOOooooooooooooooooh... now I get it...... hinting for cards and pressies and recognition for his birthday........ :rolleyes:

Tough! He aint gettin any!

(only joking mate, have a good 'un :biggrin:)

30.12.2004, 12:56
2 to go! :)

30.12.2004, 17:18
^ Needs to apply for his provisional license before we all need to start worrying.

Oops, wrong thread. :D

13.01.2005, 14:24
346 days to go till Christmas!

I know I'm starting early but I'm bored! ;)

13.01.2005, 14:49
23 days to Benny's recital appearance with Charley in Slough ;)

13.01.2005, 15:13
I'll be there! :D in fact I ought to bring the entire training band! give them something to aspire to!

Naomi McFadyen
13.01.2005, 15:50
ok... so whats this one for?!

Not Valentines day yet........ you've had ya birthday.... Christmas is over....... not Easter yet...............

:dunno :dunno :dunno

13.01.2005, 15:55
ok... so whats this one for?!
Reading the thread properly???

Fitzy posted re Christmas this year, & I pointed out Ben's recital appearance next month ;)

Naomi McFadyen
13.01.2005, 18:46
crumbs... i could swear this was a new thread with 1 page and 2 replies on it :shock: :oops:

14.01.2005, 13:03
Well only 28 'til I go on holiday !!
:terrier :terrier :bounce :bounce :woo :woo :bounce :bounce :terrier :terrier

six pints
17.01.2005, 01:53
only something many days till skeggie!! (i cant count)

happy bday btw HBB, i know im late, but lack of internet....

18.01.2005, 07:57
Happy Birthday! - i've probably already said that to you on messenger but i've decided to be fashionably late, and given the degree of lateness - i must be reeeeaaally fashionable ... hehehe - i ought to upload some pics ...

Lil Miss
25.01.2005, 01:24
happy happy birthday......sorry i haven't been online much..

04.03.2005, 18:36
S'alright :) :tup

12.03.2005, 22:33
one day till the areas ;)

13.03.2005, 19:52
13 days to NYBB!