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20.12.2004, 11:49
tMP creator considered for 4BR Top 10 influential figures in banding

Hey fellow tMP'ers, take a look at one of the lastest 'Articles' over on 4barsrest. It mentions their nominations for the top 10 most influential figures in banding for 2004.

If you take a closer look at the last paragraph, it mentions several other noteable people involved in our movement that were also considered for inclusion in this list. In the list there is a certain name that many tMP'ers will be familiar with... that of John Burns - otherwise known as tMM or theMusicman on theMouthPiece.com - and this just goes to show what a fantastic job John, and his team are doing with tMP.

My hearty congratulations to John for his achievements and to the rest of the tMP Support team for the excellent work they all do in maintaining the excellent atmosphere on tMP.


2nd man down
20.12.2004, 12:19
He couldn't not be really could he??

Well Done John, and all in the mod team who keep this the best Brass forum in the world. :-D

20.12.2004, 12:25
... well deserved too! At least his creation has become more-or-less the only platform where bandspeople and brass players from all levels can come together to comment and discuss any affair in a non-heirarchical fashion. The other great aspect is that it has become a forum with which the organisational and administrative authorities can come to visit and listen! (and they do!).

20.12.2004, 13:13
Well done John and team. :-D

20.12.2004, 13:24
John should've sent 4BR his picture. That's the only reason I can think of he was left out of the top ten?!

Naomi McFadyen
20.12.2004, 13:25
whoohoo... Niceone J! :-D

20.12.2004, 15:39
Congratulations to John and the rest of the tMP team. This forum has, in a relatively short amount of time, become one of the unifying factors in the brass band scene (witness having the tMP Band invited to play at Pontins). A great part of this is due to the efficient and professional administration and adherence to the family-friendly policies John has established.

As one of the non-UK members, I also believe that the influence of the forum will continue to grow as the membership develops and becomes more international.

20.12.2004, 16:02
well done john and his excellent team.

20.12.2004, 17:13
Nice one mate! You've made tMP a great place to be, and are ever helpful! :tup

Cheers Matey

20.12.2004, 18:18
A very well deserved mention, John. You should have been there in the top 10.