View Full Version : Can't contact

Brian Bowen
29.11.2004, 13:17
In the Portal's "Today's birthdays" box I recently saw the name of someone who may be familiar to me. Thinking I'd try to make contact with him, I searched the "Members List" on the same day but his name wasn't there. Is something wrong?

29.11.2004, 13:49
I will look into this Brian, thanks for pointing it out. In the meantime you can send a PM to this user by simply typing his/her name in the PM send to: field.

29.11.2004, 14:37
Just a thought, but could it be that they registered but have not made a post? I know that names do not appear in the members list until a post has been made, but I'm not certain whether that would affect the appearances in the Portal listing.