View Full Version : Coalfield Regeneration Trust

25.11.2004, 11:08
Murton Colliery band are pleased to announce that they have just been awarded a substantial grant by the Coalfield Regeneration Trust to refurbish the bands image. The money given will be used to buy new walkout uniforms, a new set of stand banners, jumpers for our junior band and new music stands. Any band that is based in an ex coalfield area is entitled to apply for funds but the trust must spend their money by April next year. If anyone is interested in applying for funding please pm me and I will pass you the details of how to apply

baritone impresario
27.11.2004, 12:42
hi michelle, please could you forward us details about above.we may already know about it but its worth having a look at .pm me if you want.good luck at your contest tomorrow