View Full Version : Firefox 1.0 HELP!!

10.11.2004, 20:47
Im using Firefox 1.0 and I think its great except......

I cant get some webpages to load up properly and I think its because I need to download a plug in, or at least thats what Firefox tells me. But when it searches for a plugin, it cant find it.

Im guessing that the plugin that I need is something like Flash or Shockwave( Although I think that they're the same thing!! Sorry, not as technical as I used to be on computers!!)

Anyone got any ideas?!


10.11.2004, 23:37
Yes, it takes a while. Just leave it. If it says failed, do a manual update making sure it's the player for Mozilla, not ie.

13.11.2004, 10:43
Hey Sharpy - did you get this sorted...?

Jan H
13.11.2004, 11:18
I think the automatic installation of plugins has been drastically improved in version 1.0, compared to previous beta-versions (up to 0.9). But the first day after the release of 1.0, the servers were very busy, so that's maybe the reason why it didn't work?

Myself, I had no problems with installing the flash plugin. Other plugings like the Java VM and Real Player also gave no problems, because I think they were taken over from the previous Firefox version that I had.