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24.05.2003, 19:25
Oldham Brass '97 is based in the small village of Lees, Oldham and we are graded 2nd Section.

We are currently going through a rebuilding process, and are trying to build a friendly concert band, with the view to start contesting again sometime in the future.

We have vancancies in the following area's:

Front and Back Row Cornets


We currently rehearse on a Wednesday night 8-10pm and Sunday 6-8pm above the Royal British Legion Club, Princess St, Lees, Oldham. We welcome all players of all abilities, so why not come down and give it a try!

Anyone who is interested in coming along to a rehearsal can contact Andy Robinson at andyrob75@aol.com who can provide any additional details or directions!

Come join the revolution - you know it makes sense!

30.05.2003, 12:44
Is Ewan Campbell still conducting Oldham 97?

01.06.2003, 22:13
No - Ewan is taking Flixton at the moment, Dave Ashworth is currently helping us out.

25.09.2006, 10:56
Hi,I only found this article today,whilst searching for bands with vacancies.Does this band still exist and does it have a website,and does it still need players??if yes,what nights does it practice on? Love Guinny:D :oops:

Matt Lawson
25.09.2006, 12:37
I may be wrong but looking at the location, has it turned into the very succesful Oldham (Lees) Band?

2nd man down
25.09.2006, 12:38
2006 National Brass Band Finals (4th Section) Results (24th Sept 06):

1. Dodworth Colliery M.W., Eliot Darwin, 18, 184
Region: Yorkshire

2. Oldham Band (Lees), John Collins, 11, 182
Region: North West

3. Llwydcoed Band, Alan Davies, 21, 181
Region: Wales

4. Barnard Castle, Gary Hutchinson, 22, 180
Region: North of England

5. Bream Silver, Huw Cole, 3, 179
Region: West of England

6. Barton Town, Mark Bentham, 6, 178
Region: North of England

Does that answer your question? ;)

26.09.2006, 10:51
Thank you so much for the info,i will look into the Less thing.Take care.Love Guinny.xx

26.09.2006, 13:13
Hi Guinny.

Thanks for the interest. As has already been posted, we reformed back in late 2004 and have had a reasonable amount of success since then. However we are always on the look out for new talent (what do you play?) so if you fancy coming down for a blow then PM me and I'll fill you in on the where and when. Sorry we havent got back to you earlier, we only got back from Harrogate yesterday afternoon and things have been a bit chaotic to say the least :wink: .

Thanks again

Bass Trom