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23.05.2003, 15:37
Any views, predictions on the Carnegie Invitation for Saturday?

It did look a good contest in the top section but with Scottish Co-op withdrawing and no Kirkintilloch or Whitburn how does that leave things?

25.05.2003, 09:17
Does anybody know the results of this contest?

25.05.2003, 10:51

1. UNISON Kinneil Allan Ramsay 192
2. Netwongrange Tony Swainson 191
3. Kingdom Brass Archie Hutchison 190
4. Dalmellington John Boax 189

Entertaiment: Newtongrange
Instrumentalist: Flugel Newtongrange

1st Section won by Bon Accord
4th Section won by Queensferry High School

2nd and 3rd sections were a bit hazy since the results came out at 10pm!

25.05.2003, 10:53
Thanks for your help yesterday Tom, much appreciated, and sorry for keeping you up way past your bed time!

25.05.2003, 12:36
Thanks Dave. I managed not to turn into a pumpkin thankfully.
Well done yesterday - but more importantly who won the Betty Smith Memorial Trophy?

25.05.2003, 13:41
Betty's now gone to Kingdom Tom. Sorry! Will you miss her?


25.05.2003, 14:22
I'm sure I will

25.05.2003, 16:23
I have the full results for sections 2-4 which they announced at the end of the 2nd section:

Section 2:

1st: Newmilns & Galston 192
2nd: Clydebank Burgh 190
3rd: Tullis Russell Mills 188
4th Shotts St Patrick's 187

Best Instrumentalist: Douglas Cameron - Principal Cornet Newmilns
Entertainment Prize: Newmilns & Galston

Section 3:

1st: Lochgelly 190
2nd: Campbeltown Brass 188
3rd: Dunfermline Town 186
4th: Buckhaven & Methil 185

Best Instrumentalist: Principal Cornet Campbeltown
Entertainment Prize: Buckhaven & Methil

Section 4:

1st: Queensferry High School 184
2nd: Penicuik Silver 180

Best Instrumentalist: Kit Drummer Queensferry HS
Entertainment Prize: Queensferry HS