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  1. Nomination: Funniest Post - tMP Comedian Award
  2. Nomination: tMP Funniest Thread - tMP Team Player Award
  3. Nomination: tMP Best Avatar - tMP best Picture Award
  4. Nomination: Who spends most time on tMP - tMP Saddo Award
  5. Nomination: most info on banding - tMP Banding Boffin award
  6. Nomination: Band with most tMP members - tMP Best Band Award
  7. Nomination: Best tMP Username - tMP Intuition Award
  8. Nomination: favourite poster - tMP Users Choice Award
  9. Nomination: Most on topic poster - tMP Accuracy Award
  10. Nomination: Best sarcastic comment - tMP Danger Award
  11. Nomination: Best/Favourite Thread in 1st yr of tMP
  12. Nomination: Best tMP Signature award
  13. Nomination: Best tMP member Band WWW Site
  14. Nomination: Best user nominated Banding CD
  15. Announcing the tMP "12 Months Live" Fun Awards
  16. Last Day for Nominations in Awards
  17. Poll: 'tMP Danger Award' Best sarcastic comment
  18. Poll: 'tMP Intuition Award' Best Username
  19. Poll: 'tMP best User Nominated Banding CD'
  20. Poll: 'tMP Best WWW Site'
  21. Poll: 'Best Avatar'
  22. Poll: 'tMP Favourite thread'
  23. Poll: 'tMP Saddo Award'
  24. Poll: 'Funniest Post'
  25. Poll: tMP Best Signature
  26. Poll: 'tMP Banding Boffin Award'
  27. Poll: 'tMP Users Choice Award'
  28. Poll: 'tMP Accuracy Award'
  29. Poll: 'tMP Best Band Award'
  30. Poll: tMP 'Funniest Thread'
  31. 12 Months Live fun awards - results