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    Do something a little different with Central London's only brass band.

    How we work: ZOB offers players a chance to compete at the highest level without weekly rehearsals. We ask players their availability for six to eight rehearsals, two weeks before a contest and then plan a schedule. Music is sent out in advance and we have good attendence.

    Who we are looking for: ZOB has an established line up but given the nature of our rehearsals it does rely on a 'pool' of players. We are always on the look out for good players to become involved with the band. Are you a Banding 'exile' working in or moving to London? Lower section player in need of a challenge? Salvation Army player? We've got them all at ZOB and are looking for more!

    Who we are: ZOB is a friendly, young Championship section band with a growing reputation. We rehearse at The Royal College of Music, Kensington. Our results in the last year tell a story....RAH Nationals: 12th. Senior Trophy: 2nd (with promotion to Senior Cup). The Masters: 5th. We have in our ranks a number of ex-NYBB members, players who have played with Brighouse, Cory, Dyke, Fodens, Grimethorpe & YBS, but for many it's their first taste on banding. No player gets paid, we are 'ringer' free, everyone is there because they want to be. We attend three or four contests a year and have plans for some interesting concerts in 2011.

    Please get in touch with band manager Mark Probert at or 07813745866
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    Is Fulham Brass Band not in Central London anymore? Go to to check :) We are a 2nd section band and developing, well attended regular rehearsals (every week!), lots of good jobs including lots of TV work etc., young membership and sociable!
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    What about Regent Hall SA Band? Is that still not based on Oxford Street? Is that not in Central London?
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    Rob the band bike can account for most of those too :)

    Two totally different bands Simon, even if geographically similar, no need to hijack the thread :p
    Zone One are a great bunch, good luck filling whatever seats you have up for grabs.
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    Blimey, I've been thread-jacked!
    Parsons Green, ooooo, it's borderline I the barren wastelands of Zone Two...ha ha! I thought most Fulhamites thought of themselves as living in leafy West London?

    Anyway, hope you're well. I was doing a little brass quintet gig in the centre the other day and four people came over to ask if I knew of friendly bands to join in West and East London, so I past on your's and Jayne's details for Fulham & ELB...hope something comes of it!

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    The band bike!!! Ha Ha Ha! A new nickname has arisen, nice one Aidan!
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    ok people, after having established that there is more than one in London , can I now remember everyone that this is a recruitment thread, not a general discussion thread? So like for all threads in the recruitment corner: only replies that are directly related to the ad, please ;)

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    where are the mods all threads not about Zones requirements should be taken off.
    Would be very angry if someone started hijacking my ads.
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    You are doing it yourself right now. Even after my earlier request. There fore I believe I have reasons to be mad at you. You could have used the "report post" option.


    other Off-Topic replies after my last warning have been removed, as will be other future Off-Topic posts.
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