YSL-350C Compact Trombone

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by melbo, Jan 26, 2010.

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    I am looking for a secondhand compact Trombone for a young student.

    The Yamaha YSL-350C is a great instrument but quite expense for a beginner. I am sure there must be secondhand ones out there though as it is an instrument you will eventually grow out of!

    If you know of any, please let me know!

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    Just a thought, but Jupiter make an 'ergonomic' student trombone which might be worth a look. From my experience of teaching in schools, the workmanship on a Jupiter is often better than on a student Yamaha, despite the country of manufacture
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    350C seems an odd choice. I can't see the C attachment getting a lot of use, and if it does then the player will have terrible trouble moving on to a regular straight instrument or a Bb/F. Yamaha also list it as coming with a 48 mouthpiece which is rather large (Bach 5g copy).

    As said above, Jupiter do an interesting ergo trombone, and they're incredibly strongly built. The ergo one is the JSL438LA, but not cheap at around £500.

    You could always try a slide extension attachment such as this on a regular trombone:


    Any competent fabricator could make similar for not much money.

    Also consider the Rath hand brace too. And while on Rath, John Packer have a rath designed trobone now which is getting rave reviews and only about £300.

    Sorry if i'm telling you things you already know.
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