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    The F.M.F.K. Initiative looks like its a winner.

    Following a TMP discussion the site was set up 2 weeks ago to champion Free Music for Kids.

    In contrast to "Make Music Free" we are promoting "Make Free Music"

    Aiming to offer as much help and access to Powerful Free Scoring tools so we can start to create music that IS Free from the start.

    The site has already attracted good favour from quarters of the Banding Movement and already offers some fine arrangements Free.

    F.M.F.K. will be hosting some exciting contests soon. One open to everyone, Another to promote young composers.

    Additionally we plan to work together with schools to help get kids writing music for Brass as early as possible, sharing work on the website.

    We appeal to anyone who already has some useful work that would suit our site and hope that in the future composers will take advantage of the Creative Commons Licencing system which allows you to share your work freely without handing over rights to commercial usage.

    A Dedicated domain name is in the pipeline, However, for now this is the address

    Please check your hard drive for any music that may be upload-able to the site.

    have fun !
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    I have just finished an easy arrangement of "Mr Hankey" for mixed beginner brass. It's a nice up-tempo xmas number which kids like and it's easy to play (I think). PRS permission is pending, but assuming it's forthcoming you can have the arrangement for FMFK as for some reason I'm not getting much interest from my usual publishers.
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    Giving away copyright licensed material = dodgy ground. Be careful. Cover your bases......
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    I would only put anything on the site where full permission to freely distribute was gained. Creative Commons Licencing is a nice clear way to achieve this. If you could check this with the powers that be Hobgoblin :)

    Although I can see kids all over the UK really enjoying the Mr Hankey song :biggrin::clap: I think the copyright holders may not want to see it freely offered for kids to play :frown:
  5. its_jon

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    Update - North east Folk Suite by Lee Morris

    Percussion 2 and 3 was missing...

    These files now online

    thanks !
  6. its_jon

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    2 more appeals on the FMFK's site.

    one for the Fringe 2012 Prog Brass show.
    second for Brass Xmas 2012 National CD

    I know... a long way off :p

    but things don't move very fast in the Brass Band world.
  7. hobgoblin

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    Looks like it's going realy well - how many members (besides your good self) does prog brass currently have?
  8. its_jon

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    Thanks !... super response up to now from the Brass Movement.

    The site is gaining interest really quickly considering its only been alive for a couple of weeks.
    We have 2 more composers in the wings working on submissions.

    The Prog Brass music section has no submissions yet... but we have a whole year until the Fringe 2012 to fill the section up.

    Without any Progressive Brass music its pointless forming a Progressive Brass Band so soon. Hence the appeal for Progressive Brass music.
    But.... we now have a target to aim for which two days ago did not exist. The Fringe 2010
  9. its_jon

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    I mean 2012 :biggrin:
  10. jockinafrock

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    Just had a squizz at the site - great stuff! Anything that encourages youngsters to take up brass banding is a winner in my books. I'll certainly pass on the info to some of my collegues and 'contacts' in the banding world, and hopefully they'll be able to contribute too! I'll sort out a link for our Fodensyouth website and Facebook page too :clap:
  11. roger 10

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  12. its_jon

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    Thanks Very much Roger ! .....I really appreciate the feedback.

    We have more to go on the ever expanding site soon.
    We seem to have captured a wave of enthusiasm throughout the Banding World.

    Our first original Prog Brass composition about to go live sometime soon :p:clap:

    But for now... Check out the new submission from composer Arranger John Hind. Scarborough Fair .... FREE in the Junior Brass section.

    Arrangement News Article Here at the FMFK website
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  13. its_jon

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    Big Changes at FMFK

    We have added many new sections to the site Including a Jukebox :p

    'About FMFK' so you can find out all about FMFK :D

    A great Mendelssohn transcription has been added as well as an Original Melody.

    We have a Free Original March about to enter the Database plus the Score and parts to accompany the original work Saltire 2012 which can be listened to on the FMFK Jukebox.

    Why not fire up your commercial or FREE Scoring app and get something on the site and database for future generations ? :clap:
  14. its_jon

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    Actually been a while since my last post due to the tmp downtime...

    but... more updates at FMFK

    Our first March The Majorette
    First Ensemble Tromba Tango
    and our first Prog Brass offering

    Additionally a modest forum aiming to be specific to the nature of the site for example with a Errata section so people can keep us informed with any problems with the scores.. Help with scoring tools etc, the theory been that like minded people will be using the site.
  15. its_jon

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    Just added Saltire 2012 to the Library (see news article)
    As with everything on FMFK it is community (amateur brass banding) based work and Free


    Its now easier to find FMFK Online with Google picking up on our key words.
    Maybe we don't need that dedicated domain name. It would only be £5 or something but I like that the site genuinely IS 100% free :D Spending a fiver on a dedicated name seems wrong.

    Keep the titles rolling... we are well over a concerts worth of free music for kids to play.. Thanks to all the contributors so far. Check out their bio's in the 'About FMFK'

    Huge thanks to Pennine Music though ! for helping us to establish something 100% Legal and 100% Free :D ..Also kind words of wisdom from Philip Sparke.

    If anyone (including Pennine) want to use the Pro section of the forum to sell anything, feel free... its Free !

    If you find a problem with any of the Scores on FMFK's.... don't keep it to yourself !.... Let us know on site. We have a Errata section ;)
  16. its_jon

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    New addition to the FMFK community database.

    Essence of Tyne by Lee Morris

    Yet another great Free piece of music.
    Lee Morris certainly a very worth musician and arranger.

    As always... a MP3 to accompany the Score. None more professional than those rendered by Lee Himself.
  17. its_jon

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    Have you had any luck yet ?
  18. its_jon

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    Loony Dook

    Great New Submission to the FMFK Database

    The Loony Dook !

    100% Amateur Brass Band piece and thus... FREE to download, print and play.

    On behalf of all the bands using FMFK.
    Many thanks for all the support in making FMFK's a success !

  19. its_jon

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    Need a Euphonium Solo ?
    Im delighted to inform that the FMFK database has received yet another world class composition from Lee Morris

    Geordies Jaunt


    It is available Free to download and perform...

    Lee Really has raised the bar with his latest contribution, this work is stunning.
    Since Lee joined FMFK as a contributor he has been contacted by some of the most prestigious bands in the UK and internationally.

    If you have made good use of anything on the FMFK site and have something original of your own to share, FMFK will be very pleased to offer you a showcase through our site, The UK's database of Free Brass Band Music.
  20. its_jon

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    More FREE Community Music from FMFK :D

    Parade of the little animals
    taken from "The undergrowth suite"
    100% Original for our amateur movement.

    Get it HERE