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Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by Feefee, Feb 11, 2005.

  1. Feefee

    Feefee Member

    I was just wondering if any1 is going to the youth entertainment contest in Blackpool on Sunday?
  2. yr_epa

    yr_epa Member

    Beaumaris Youth conducted by Paul Hughes are going to defend their title from last year.

    Good luck to all the other bands trying this year.
  3. Feefee

    Feefee Member

    Thanx for replying back 2 me! Sellers youth are also going - the band im in and its our first time so we hope we can do well! Ive only heard lions youth play and theyre gud so we have some competition!
  4. Is it this sunday? I might go, be in the audience rather than playing though. Do you have any idea what time it starts etc?
  5. Feefee

    Feefee Member

    Yup it is dis sunday!
    Erm as far as i know we have 2 set off early as we have to get there for i think 10.30!
    Hope dats sum help 2 u!
    Although i aint sure wot happens as we have neva done the contest b4! It shud be fun however.
  6. I shall be there... cheering on Rochdale Youth and Sellers Youth.

    Tres excited :-D
  7. tim

    tim Member

    anyone heard any results for this? As we come from the north east its a canny way so we left about 2 ish so any help would be appreciated!
  8. Hayley

    Hayley New Member

    Rochdale Youth Band won! Congratulations!!
  9. tim

    tim Member

    congrats to rochadale then

    any further results???
  10. Dewi Corn

    Dewi Corn New Member

    I've been told that Beaumaris Youth had 1st for Music, 4th for Entertainment, 3rd overall, best Sop and best Horn section.
  11. Hayley

    Hayley New Member

    I think Poynton were 2nd overall and beaumaris 3rd.
    Rochdale were 3rd for music and 1st for entertainment.
  12. tim

    tim Member

    do you know if tees valley youth band were in the placed bands?
  13. gateway

    gateway New Member

    Full Results


    1st Rochdale Borough Youth 95pts
    2nd Poynton Youth 91pts
    3rd Wardle High Intermediate 88 pts
    4th Beaumaris Youth 86 pts
    5th Youth Brass 2000 83 pts
    6th Dobcross Youth 82 pts


    1st Beaumaris Youth 188pts
    2nd Poynton Youth 186pts
    3rd Youth Brass 2000 184pts
    4th Rochdale Youth 183pts
    5th Wardle Intermediate 182pts
    6th Boarshurst Youth 181pts

    Overall Positions

    1st Rochdale Borough Youth 278pts
    2nd Poynton Youth 277pts
    3rd Beaumaris Youth 274pts

    Most Entertaining Item Wardle
    Stage Depotment Youth Brass 2000
    Best Bass Section Poynton
    Best March Boarshurst
    Best Horn Section Beaumaris
    Best Soprano Beaumaris
    Outstanding Soloist Horn Youth Brass 2000
    Player who contributed Most To Bands Performance Trombone Section Rochdale Borough Youth (76 Trombones)
    Winning Bands Conductor Eric Landon
    Most Promising Band Enderby
  14. gateway

    gateway New Member

    Further Overall Positions

    Overall Postions

    4th Wardle Intermediate 270pts
    5th Youth Brass 2000 267pts
  15. Sellers_Bird

    Sellers_Bird Active Member

    yayayayayay! :D i listened to yb2k,rochdale sellers and wardle and was pretty much amazed with the standard! super well done to rochdale tho, im soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo proud guys! :D:D:D:D:D:D
  16. I would say the results are extremely fair. I listened from band number 1 up to band number 11, rochdale youth. Then had to shoot off to a concert with my band. It would make sense for Beaumaris to win music.... theyre usually fantastic. And Rochdales entertainment completely blew me away... they were out of this world !!

    Unlucky about the soprano at Abraham Derby... she started off so well ! Hope she is ok !!

    Welldone all my little hussies over at Rochdale though... including ole Grandad!! I'm so proud of you all !! :-D

    yayayayayayayayay!! :bounce:
  17. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

  18. masefield

    masefield Member

    Hi there many thanks for your concern - about Mel - I was with the parents supporting the band. She had to go to hospital. Unfortunately she has damaged one of her top teeth, has a bruised face and swollen lip. I will pass onto her your thoughts. Many thanks to the organiser's help and support to her.

    Many congrats to everybody who took part and to all the prize winners.
  19. nickjones

    nickjones Active Member

    Well done to Beaumaris Youth..1st for music , best horn section and best Sop.
    What were the programs?
  20. The Rag

    The Rag New Member

    hope the young lady makes a speedy recovery but congrats to the band for carrying on regardless

    incidentially, any tmpers know the name of the horn players from youth 2000 who played lark in the clear air and took the solo prize

    apparantly, she is member of nybbgb

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