Youth Brass 2000 are auditioning in all sections of the band

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by stripybananas, Sep 19, 2004.

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    Youth Brass 2000 are auditioning for players in ALL sections of the band. The auditions are open to all players aged below 19 and are to be held at Wilbarston Village Hall, Northants, on Sunday 10th October, for more details please visit

    link corrected thanks lynchie
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    Link's not working Sam...

    ps. anyone interested... the whole audition thing isn't as scary as it sounds! Chris is really good about it all, and you get to be in the band anyway, they'll never turn away someone that can hold an instrument the right way up!!
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    YB2k are a great bunch of peeps, and i've had a lot of great and memorable times with them in my time with the band so far... 8 months so far I think...! :rolleyes: And playing under Chris Jeans is an incredibly invaluable experience, top guy and an amazing player ;):tup , as well as Pete our resident conductor.

    New faces are always welcome, although expect stiff competition for the Principal Euph chair :ranting2: :hammer
    Lol! :D
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    Auditions have taken place now and congratulations to all those in new seats, don't know for sure if anyone joined the band off tMP but if you did then great! We still welcome all players to join at any time, just take a look at our website!

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