youth band / wind band ... can you help .. especially composers?!

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    I am giving a workshop in Singapore in a few weeks and I am presenting a workshop entitled Music Is for Everyone, stressing how music can be fun and youth wind bands and youth brass bands can perform all styles of music from traditional to contemporary, novel to music of styles from all different cultures.

    As part of the workshop I will be playing excerpts and demos of music which fall into these categories and I wondered if any composers of such works which fit into the above categories (especially the fun one!) have any pieces they would like me to shamelessly publicise to the delegates? I want to show them the wide variety of music and composers open to them, so I thought this would also be a good way to benefit up and coming and established composers and arrangers over here.

    Also, if you have any suggestions of music you think they just have to listen to or play let me know - all feedback gratefully received.

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