Youth Band Funding

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  1. I'm currently investigating funding opportunities for our youth band and was wondering how other bands went about it?

    I've looked at the Scottish Arts Association and also YouthMusic but, at the moment YM only fund english based organisations.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)
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    Hey Rach. Have you contacted Alan Edmond about funding assistance? We've just secured YMI funding through the Scottish Arts Council, and Alan helped us out a lot with that. There's a lot of sources out there for funding, i'll drop you a message and pass on our experiences with them.
  3. I e mailed Alan a couple of weeks ago but, not had a reply yet. He did talk briefly to our youth band conductor at Land O' Burns about having money to spend etc.
    Been in touch with our local arts association and they've suggested a couple of things. Would appreciate hearing more from you. :)
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    I am not sure how the different funding arrangements work from England to Scotland. Bestwood were very fortunate to get 2 grants from the Local Network Fund one in 2006 and the other in late 2007. The pity now is that Fund has been finished. We have just applied for a grant from The Grassroots Grants Programme. But I don't know if that operates in Scotland