Youth Band and Choir music choice?

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    As part of our village Summer Cultural Festival, Killamarsh Training Band have been asked to play at an evening of music with various junior & high school choirs. The band will be providing a 15minute "solo" spot but we have been asked to accompany a final big number item with a combined choir of about 80.

    The choice of music will depend on the band's selection and obviously what they can play. Any suggestions?

    If there are no arrangements available we may have to consider doing some ourselves.

    I think we have Michael Row The Boat in the main band library that's arranged for choir and band.
  2. Lion King arrangement for brass band and choir. There are opportunities from the school choir to learn harmony parts or all just sing a long with the tune that they know. I have played quite a demanding arrangement recently, sure a youth band could get stuck into it and enjoy it.