Youth Adjudication Panel - Yorkshire 2010

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    Dear All

    Once again 4Barsrest and the Yorkshire Regional Committee are teaming up to try and find the new generation of 21st century brass band adjudicators, with its Youth Adjudication Panel.

    We are looking for 4 young people aged between 11 and 16 to come along to the Yorkshire Regional Championships on Sunday March 7th to judge performances of ‘Saint-Saens Variations’ by Philip Sparke in the 4th Section.

    On the day, the lucky quartet will have the chance to meet the composer Philip Sparke, who is also one of the official adjudicators, to gain some unique insights into his inspirations for the work. Philip’s fellow adjudicator Steve Pritchard-Jones will also be on hand to give the panel his own thoughts and tips on the adjudication process.

    During the contest the panel will sit with the press on the first tier of St. George’s Hall with their own scores and mark sheets as the bands do battle on the stage below. On the day there is also a buffet lunch to enjoy and the panel, along with their parents/guardians will be VIP guests of the Yorkshire Championships with tickets for the whole weekend of the competition.

    If you are interested in taking part in this exciting initiative then please contact me by e-mail at If you know someone in your band that would enjoy this event then it would also be great if you could also bring this to their attention.


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