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  1. stuartw

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    After the success of last year's event, the Yorkshire committee have once again teamed up with 4Barsrest and The Bandsman to run a youth adjudication panel at this years Yorkshire regional championships. The lucky 4 panel members will deliberate over the bands in the second section contest which takes place on Sunday the 8th of March. Judging by the reaction of the participants last year it should be a fantastic day. The panel will get to meet the adjudicators Mal Brownbill and Chris Wormald before the contest to hear their thoughts on the piece. Mark Bousie will also help guide the panel members through the day. The panel will then sit with the press throughout the perfromances making their own notes on the bands perfromances. As last year, the panels comments and results will be published after the contest. It all promises to be a really great day out. The panel is open to those aged 16 and under and full details of how to apply to participate in the event are available on 4BR: .

  2. blasterbates

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    Great news that this initiative is happening again.

    Masterblasterjnr was one of the chosen few last year and it was a fantastic experience for the youngsters and parents alike. The "pre-match" briefings by composer, adjudicator and soloist were entertaining and informative, the food was good, and the whole adjudicating experience was put together so well by everyone involved. The youngsters' adjudications and remarks were pretty good too.

    I'd recommend this day to anyone who is interested in adjudicating, or even just listening - and remember last year the participants came from as far afield as Scotland - so it's not just a Yorkshire thing.
  3. Blossom

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    Think this is a great idea and nothing like a personal recommendation from someone who was involved to get others interested. :clap::clap:

    Could be the start of getting new blood into the adjudicating system in a few years time.

    Does anybody know if any of the other regions are doing this ? and if not, why not ?
  4. brasscrest

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    Kudos to Yorkshire for this excellent idea. The quality of adjudication can only improve by having people experience what is required at an early age.
  5. Masterblaster jnr

    Masterblaster jnr Active Member

    Seconded to all the above :clap:.

    It's not just about becoming more in the know about what to look for in pieces either. The advice beforehand can help anyone for anything-from coping with nerves on stage-to picking out tuning on G flats in the 2nd baritone line, it is a fantastic experience as my dad has already mentioned. Go for it!!!

    (and dad-trust you to pick up on the food bit :rolleyes:)
  6. Voldemort

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    A lot of your posts seem to be praising the Yorkshire Regional committee. Anyone would think you were the secretary or something . . . . .
  7. jockinafrock

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    Our solo euph, Nick Birch, took part last year. This is a young man who is not only a wonderful euph player, but is phenomenal on the trombone. He is a wonderful young person too, calm, honest, bright and a credit to his parents. To me, his is a quiet talent that will take everyone by surprise.

    Very musically-minded, I look forward to the day that I am adjudicated by this young man... Wouldn't mind putting a bet on that we'll see his name regularly in the not too distant future... :clap:
  8. Masterblaster jnr

    Masterblaster jnr Active Member

    Seconded to all of the above, have heard him on both euph and trom and he is a fantastic player.....but is this not a thread to promote the panel for this year and to also say how well it worked last year, not to give a profile of the players who took part as if they were going for player of the year or something.

    But while we are on the subject, the other two thus far unmentioned participants are both fine players too. Harry is surely going to be a euph star of the future and Hayley is gonna be a top class cornet
  9. jockinafrock

    jockinafrock Active Member

    You've just contradicted yourself young man... even if they were very short profiles. Notice your own profile in your signature telling us what bands you play for... ;)
  10. steve butler

    steve butler Active Member

    :clap: Definately a touche turtle job there :biggrin:
  11. Blossom

    Blossom Member

    Is this a compliment or an accusation ?

    You assume Blossom is feminine. I assume Voldemort is masculine. Assumptions can be wrong.

    Your identity doesn't interest me. Why should mine interest you?

    Just accept I am someone from Yorkshire, with a keen interest in brass bands who expresses an opinion when the urge arises.

    I assume being a Scotsman (or woman) you praise SBBA if you feel the urge ?

    If not why not ? They do a great job too :clap::clap:

    Here's a vote of confidence to all reg. committees who must be flogging their guts out at this point in time to get things organised :clap::clap:

    Would you like me to continue ?
  12. Masterblaster jnr

    Masterblaster jnr Active Member

    The two possible contradictions: My post, regarding the other two members, and my signature.

    1) My post, the profiles i gave of the two unmentioned particpants were in an ironic sense to your original post.

    2) my signature-it's a signature :confused:. it's not an irrelevant off topic post in a thread which has nothing to do with how good the people were who did it last year :confused:. I have that signature on every post i put on here which is relevant to the subject i'm posting on.

    Anyhow, rant over, back to topic, because this is such a fantastic initiative, i won't be the only one wanting this thread to not become a slagging match.
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    Off-Topic Posts Deleted

    I have deleted a number of off-topic posts in this thread. If off-topic posts continue to be made here, the thread will be closed.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

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