Your Paypal account is about to be suspended

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by rutty, Mar 29, 2005.

  1. rutty

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    They haven't even tried to make the email look official, but I'm pretty certain some poor buggers are going to believe it. Do not fall for this trick! They just want your money - I've reported this email for "phishing". If you get one, do the same. How you do that depends on your email provider but it's easily done in gmail (click "more options")
  2. postie

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    Yeah just had the same one twice about paypal deleted it thought it was a con. If anyone does get one take Rutty advice ignore it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Bryan_sop

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    I get that one all the time. Usually comes twice at the same time and the date is totally wrong. Thing is, I changed my email address with paypal and they keep sending it to the old one!

    I always just forward them to
  4. johnmartin

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    I got one and I don't even have a paypal account!
  5. rutty

    rutty Active Member

    They just send them to random addresses hoping to "phish" someone into giving them their details. If they send out millions of emails and only 100 people fall for it, then that's 100 people that are about to get stung for some cash.

    I'd call them a rude name but it'd get censored ;)
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  6. DublinBass

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    Ditto...some of this phishing is ridiculous as it doesn't even apply to many e-mails have I started to get here since I move the the UK that say "You want to become an American citizen?" or other ridiculous things.
  7. brassneck

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  8. tootnbuzz

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    I got one also. I don't have a paypal account so I deleted as quickly as I could.
  9. brassneck

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    As you are aware, this scam is really serious!!! Identity theft can cause all sorts of worry and confusion, especially if your bank account is hit. Fraud prevention teams in the financial sector take time to investigate these matters and no guarantee is given for the return of funds if you have obliged a third party with your account details. I am also aware that there has been an increase of calls to members of the public with the callers claiming that they represent their bank. Never give out any details unless they can positively identify themselves.
  10. neiltwist

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    even better, offer to ring them back, and check out the number. Is it your branches number? or one from the official website?
  11. Heather

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    Glad I read this thread. I got 2 yesterday! Cheers everyone.
  12. Naomi McFadyen

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    I've had loads of these emails..... glad it's not just me.... I couldn't understand it :lol:
  13. brassneck

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    ... good idea, but banks don't tend to leave contact numbers when an answering machine is found.
  14. neiltwist

    neiltwist Active Member

    but you can't give them any details if they got the answer machine, and you can then ring your branch to find out if someone rang or not.
  15. bigmamabadger

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    Speaking of phones, I've just registered with TPS in an attempt to stop the 3+ calls a day I get from annoying people at "Home Call". I told the latest unfortunate to go forth and mutiply and slammed the phone down....

  16. Bryan_sop

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    I seem to have had emails phishing for details from every bank but my own! Some in other countries!!

    I was quite surprised the other day when my internet banking was temporarily suspended. I called them and it was because I'd been on a different computer than normal, so they suspended it just in case. I was quite impressed!
  17. lynchie

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    I had one of those "I'd like you to look after my £10000 for me... just send £100 to this account..." emails the other day... I do love hearing their heart wrenching tales of hardship...
  18. brassneck

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    ... most banks have separate departments in business centres to deal with different aspects of accounts. The customer usually is aware if a callback might be necessary (funds transfers, fraud investigations etc.). Branches would only phone if a customer had a personal advisor (who would normally supply a telephone number) or if the customer requested a callback. And banks don't tend to use e-mails to contact anyone outside of their business network. Also, they rarely use direct sales calls as there are many other ways of advertising their products.
  19. neiltwist

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    so what's this got to do with fraud?
  20. johnmartin

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    If someone cons you into giving them your credit card/account details and then uses that information to pass themselves off as you then they are commiting a fraud against both you and the bank.