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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Warmahorn, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. Warmahorn

    Warmahorn New Member

    We were commissioned by a trombone player to make neoprene protector sleeves for the slides. He loves them + says that it'll save him money by preventing dents...and the ones for the hand grabs are to help sweating hands. The trombone Warmahorn will be out soon - but wondering what the thoughts from professionals are on the protective sleeves? Yes/No? Photo up on Facebook page - thank you
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  3. nethers

    nethers Active Member

    Commented on the Facebook page - good to see you're interested in what 'real' brass players want.
  4. Sonic Trombone

    Sonic Trombone New Member

    Been playing trombone for the last 13 years, and the first (and hopefully only) time I ever dented my slide was 4 months ago.

    I put the dent in the slide whilst I was on stage playing in a big band gig to a room full of drunk, dancing students - if at that moment when my slide set like concrete on stage, you'd asked me if I'd like a pair, I'd have bought a thousand pairs off you. But the truth is, I saw a pair of these for sale many years ago (from:, and I never got any, and even having got my trombone repaired (very expertly I must add - McQueens in Manchester, you did an excellent job, thanks very much) I don't think I'd get a pair, as I think the lighter the slide the better, also a dint once every 13 years, I can deal with that.

    I only hope the next dent won't be on stage again
  5. Vegasbound

    Vegasbound Active Member

    Not for me!
  6. Warmahorn

    Warmahorn New Member

    Thanks for research help!

    So no to slide protection! But hand guards? Yes/No? Neoprene guards, low-rose velcro fastening to help with sweaty hands?
  7. nethers

    nethers Active Member

    I would be concerned about putting something around the slide that may dampen resonant vibration. Could be great for kids etc. though who may not be too careful as they swing their trombone around!

    Something modest around the contact areas to prevent sweat corrosion, I would be delighted.
  8. Sonic Trombone

    Sonic Trombone New Member

    I could definitely see that something around the areas of contact could be useful.

    If you're trying to sell to beginners, then some deterioration to the sound won't probably matter (as they probably aren't going to be on the best of instruments anyway). Also if you're on a cheaper instrument, then a cheap little plastic cover or something would be just what's needed to prevent relacquering (which if you get professionally done can be expensive). But if you're selling to people who are keen/pro players, then they may well have spent thousands on an instrument (which may be antique, custom made, or/and adapted to their tastes) and they are quite prepared to pay a significant amount to a specialist brass instrument engineer to aid in the upkeep of the instrument. The sorts of people who have rolls royces in the automobile world, don't want a cheap crappy looking radio in the car - they want style, functionality, and excellence - and it's exactly the same in the instrument world.

    If you're aiming for the beginner market, product a product for a beginner. If you're aiming for the pro market, produce something of excellence, like a soft leather cover for where the hand comes into contact with the slide. Get you're hands on some expensive instrument cases, and look at the craftsmanship that went into making the case for the instrument. If an accessory is actually going to make it onto the instrument itself then it really needs to be well crafted, and highly thought through.
  9. nethers

    nethers Active Member

    The issue with with protective covers for contact points though is that while it may stop most sweat/grease etc from getting on to the laquer, what does get down there is then trapped in...
  10. Sonic Trombone

    Sonic Trombone New Member

  11. Warmahorn

    Warmahorn New Member

    Thank you for your advice

    Love the Hickey's link - that has certainly put it all inperspective - just how many models/designs etc that are around - yikes!
    So, given the help from you chaps, think that we will go forward in the following way:

    a) Warmahorn sleeve to fit a Yamaha (student) model. If it fits other models, then all well and good - but this will be for the young/first trombone/kid-teen player. IE protection, customisation and extra warmth for chilly outdoor gigs. This is already at prototype stage 2 and is being tested now.
    b) No to slide guards - market too limited.
    c) Yes to hand guards - but they will need to be in 2 width sizes (neoprene stretches to embrace slight size difference on tubing).
    d) We are now trialing neoprene mouthpiece puches - singles in 3 sizes. Rosetti has them out there with suppliers, getting feedback. The 3 sizes, envelope top, no additional fastening looks like it's going to be a big hit. Retailing at £5.95 - so cheap and very chearful!

    Thank you again for this - it is by far the best way to work on new products and I am hoping that it is all OK in forum land. As you'll se from the website - we're originally fashion/costume designers, so will always need to turn to musicians for advice.

    Thank you+
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  13. Vegasbound

    Vegasbound Active Member

    And no to hand guards!

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