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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Bassintheballroom, Jul 18, 2006.

  1. Bassintheballroom

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    A very warm afternoon to you all.

    I'm thinking the time has come to stop relying on band instruments and get myself my own Eb bass. Well, really to upgrade the 3/4 Yamaha I got when I was 12. The more I look, the more different makes and models there seem to be, so I thought I'd take advantage of the collective experience of all the bass players out there.

    So, what do you play/have you played, good points, bad points, recommendations, war stories? Reply to the post, PM me, email me, come round to my house*, whatever.

    I'm looking for something second hand: the time may have come for an upgrade, but the cash is lagging behing a bit... I currently play lead Eb in a second section band, and ocassionally in concert bands.

    Thanks :D

    (* Actually, don't.)
  2. Darth_Tuba

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    If you're playing in brass bands mostly, which I'm guessing you are, look for instruments with 3+1 piston valves rather than 4 in a row or rotarys. Other than that, I'd recommend trying any makes and models you can get your hands on. Yamaha Maestros are good, and some models of Sovs (older ones preferably) but there are plenty of other types of tuba around that I've not tried that are probably vastly superior! Try for some good second hand ones. Bear in mind with tubas for brass band though how it will sound in a section rather than a solo instrument, as that's what you'll be doing most of the time.
  3. bassmittens

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    I too played a Yamaha when i was younger, and haven't found anything that matches it's sound and ease to play!

    The only problem with it was that the 4 valves were in line (oh and that a tramp poo'd :mad: in it but that's another story!!)

    I've played a couple of Besson Sov Eb basses since then which i feel are Ok, but i don't feel as comfortable on them as i remeber doing on the old Yamaha - maybe it's nostalgia?!

    Out of interest i think i know someone who is selling a Yamaha Eb, lacquered - well looked after circa £2k. I would be interested but i have no cash :( .

    Good luck in your quest!
  4. DublinBass

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    I agree with Darth Tuba that you want a 3+1

    I have played the Bessons and as far as fingers go they are quite nice.

    I played a small, student Yamaha 4+0 and did not like it

    I am currently on a band horn which is a Willson 4+trigger. Whilst I like the larger bore I am not particularly keen on having all five valves on one hand. If you can try a Maestro, I'd give it a go to see if you like it as I think it matches the best of the larger size and the dexterity of a 3+1 (that being said...I have yet to get my hands on one!!)