Your chance to develop the future of tMP

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  1. JonP

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    Actually thats a great feature. nice one
  2. The Wherryman

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    Thanks, Di. Curiosity being what it is, I would find it difficult to resist the temptation of pressing the "view post" button, unless someone had REALLY hacked me off - which hasn't happened yet :rolleyes:. But I now feel confident to use the facility, should the need arise.
  3. JonP

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    Locky Locky!! What A Crock!!

    Never mind, had great fun. As did countless people who contacted me to express how much they enjoyed reading it. Which is after all good for the site.

    Of course, there is very little appreciation of this on tMP, which is of course the most serious banding environment in teh world, where no one can say anything that may be taken even a little contraversially by the reader.

    I see this as a bit of fun. Most others do too. Perhaps those of you who take this so seriously (including MusicMan) should go do some banding again, and re enter the real world for just a minute. You will find it does lighten your perspective on this false reality more than a little.

    Anyway, I really think the Mods whould lighten up a little, as in general you will find that real banders dont appreciate phone calls to ask them about issues being discussed on this site. I think you will find Musicman you were very lucky not to get a "stop wasting my time" when you recently contacted BTM's. If i had been the said manager you would have definatly got it!
    This is not real life guys, its a website. LIGHTEN UP!!!

    I dont mean anything personally. This really is not important enough for that, but this site would definatly benifit from a slightly more realistic perspective now and again. Sometimes your moderation really is needed and very useful. Most of the time its not really.
  4. Anno Draconis

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    :eek: Really? There are actually people (no, countless people!) who have so little to do that they contact you to tell you how much they enjoy threads you have started on an internet site? Wow.
    Since when does banding equate to reality? It's the most insular bubble imaginable. One of the things that this site does well is that it acknowledges the existence of life outside banding, that there is a real world where civility and human interaction are more important than who's played for the most top section bands. I know I'll never convince you of that, Jon, but it would do you no harm to re-enter the world outside trombone playing and check it out for yourself.

    A great (and sadly missed) friend of mine used to say of professional musicians that he and I worked with that while he would never, ever, dispute their musicianship or ability, he sometimes despaired that they used 98% of their intellect for music and 2% for the whole of the rest of life. An aphorism which applies to some of the undisputedly talented people who post on this site - and that's not aimed specifically at you, Jon, although if the cap fits, feel free to pick it up and try it on ;)
  5. steve butler

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    Maybe he just can't count :biggrin:
  6. Jan H

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    no counting and no spelling.
    back to primary school if you ask me ;)
  7. Jan H

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    Seriously though, if 90% of the posts in a thread consist of members having a go at each other, and only 10% are slightly related to the original topic, I don't think there is any other way than to close it. This is a discussion forum, not a chat room. If I had started a discussion about a subject I was seriously interested in, I would be really disappointed if it turned into an abomination like the thread Jon is referring to.

    And I don't think in this case anyone can accuse the mods of intervening too quickly or to "stiffle the debate". We had numerous complaints and requests to close the thread. Also several references were made in other threads. And I must stress that the thread in question was certainly not closed to the acts of a single foum member.
  8. Will the Sec

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    Quite a relief, actually.
    Go on. Name one more than Siddles.
    I would disagree. I believe there is plenty of appreciation of tMP, where people of a reasonable mindset have an appreciation for what John set out for it to be - not what you expect it to be.
    Do you seriously expect tMPers to hire Wormshead Brass after all your antics on this forum? Worms in the Head is more appropriate, judging by this comment.
    I doubt any band would be willing to make you their spokesman. A level head and good communication skills tend to be a prerequsite.
    tMp was a lot lighter before you piped up. Have you started one positive thread?
    Perhaps you should review your own posts, and reassess that statement.
    That's fine for you to say - you don't get the letters from lawyers when motormouths open their forum "mouths" before engaging their brains.

    OK, hands up everyone who thinks that John should just walk away from tMP, and let JonP set up the site he so covets?
  9. JonP

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    Ive obviously no interest in doing gigs for people on tMP or id be a little more careful dont you think. I dont care.

    Ive no interest in your obvious love of punctuation and grammar.

    Will the Sec, its exactly your responses of this nature that the people ive mentioned find so amusing. I think the whole thing should be allowed. I have no problem stating that i think your a nobody and i really couldnt care less what yopu think of me. You shoud be able to say the same. Oh i think you have! If i thought for one second what is said on tis website was actually of any importance in the real banding world do you think i would be on here like this. Let alone the other big world of music making outside it. This week i had two calls from two top yorkshire bands, one starting with Grime and the other Brig. One asking me to do the europeans and and the other a concert. I only mention this as an attempt to illustrate to you how my "Antics" here are really obviously harming my banding oportunities!! P.S Which top band have you played with!!

    And another thing! When it come to bands wanting you to represent them and speak for them, you would be amazed how far actually being a decent player goes! Sounds bitchy and arrogant but its true. Honestly.

    My closing gambit: If you dont like a thread dont reply or read it. Block me or whatever it is people can do. Or, you can carry on replying and providing myself and so many others (whos names i really cant mention because they would care about what you think) with great entertainment.

    Thanks for the reply.

    Im really going to try not to speak to you any more!!

  10. steve butler

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    Didn't do much good locking that thread did it?
    Seems to me this is just going to run and run (if allowed) from one thread to another.
    I'm bored with it all and shall return to the confines of "random", hope it does'nt follow me there!
  11. Jan H

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  12. Mr Guinness

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    Oh Will, didn't you know - you can't have an opinion if you haven't played for a 'top' band. Maybe someone should start a thread about it...............
  13. MRSH

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    Have the cretinous ramblings of one person ever driven so many people to despair. Yet another thread goes down the toilet because of it.

  14. The Wherryman

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    "Your chance to develop the future of tMP" is the topic - I just thought I'd put a little reminder in.

    There are other (random) threads available for the ramblings of the unhinged - why not join me in them and leave this thread to those actually interested in the future of tMP rather than practising the sport of navel gazing.
  15. Will the Sec

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    Which is why I'll be responding to JonP in a PM rather than give him more publicity in this thread.

    Just to remind people, the topic is Your chance to develop the future of tMP.
  16. JessopSmythe

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    In an attempt to try to merge this thread with its original topic ...

    I have to say that, although I disagree with about 99.9% of what JonP posts on the forum, he is (usually) at least attempting to discuss something relevant to Brass Music.

    I would much rather read, and occasionally join in these sometimes controversial debates than wade through threads which have a hundred variations on "well done so and so" or the seemingly endless number of "A-Z" threads.

    As JanH said, this is meant to be a discussion forum, not a chat room. I may not see eye to eye with Jon on many issues but surely that's the whole point of a free debate. Or have a missed something?
  17. JessopSmythe

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    Just double checked, Abergavenny are currently only ranked 139 in the 4BR rankings so my opinion may not be worth anything. Please ignore may last post;)
  18. ploughboy

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    Thanks, So tha fact that every major british band has some official or unofficial represenation on here means you are happy in your band, and will be showing lifelong commitment to it! Very Laudable.

    OK, Topic -improve tMP, Please for lords sake, chuck Jonp out, i've no interest in asking for his deps service's, reading any recruitment thread his band has, or generally having to read anymore of his thoughts on tMP.
  19. ploughboy

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    Do'nt panic boys, i've had a dabble at the top section my opinion counts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. The Wherryman

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    I have watched perfectly valid threads hi-jacked and turned into personal slanging matches by certain individuals, who appear to go out of their way to be argumentative and unpleasant for no other reason than to provoke others into retaliatory posts. I don't believe that that sort of behaviour adds anything whatsoever to the debates.

    It is virtually impossible to have any sort of forum in which there is a continual supply of interesting and challenging debates. There will always be a time of plenty, such as around contest times, and a time of drought, such as, perhaps, now.

    The congratulatory posts and the "A-Z" threads keep people coming to tMP and browsing around. With luck, they will come across a thread which interests them sufficiently, one hopes, to add their own post.

    In fact, some may be put off posting in the "serious" threads because of the aforementioned argumentative behaviour and prefer just to post in the games. Having gained confidence in those areas, they may well later decide to join in the main debates.

    While tMP is not designed as a chat room, social intercourse of this nature contributes to the development of the site. Provided it is adequately and sensitively moderated, I see no harm in it. For those who wish to indulge on a lighter level, the Random area is ideal.

    I find it a simple matter to identify threads in which I may have an interest and those in which I would not - although, having said that, I have been pleasurably surprised on occasions to find that a thread I had initially ignored was, in fact, worth reading. I now take nothing for granted!