Your Chance To Conduct Besses!

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    Your chance to conduct one of the most famous names in banding is here!

    Over the next three weeks, Besses O'Th' Barn are giving young conductors the chance to conduct the famous old band in rehearsal. The entry criteria are very simple: you need to be 35 or younger and be available to take the band in Whitefield, near Manchester, on any of the following dates: Thursday 2nd October, Thursday 9th October and Thursday 16th October.

    No previous conducting experience is necessary, although a solid understanding of brass band scoring will be advantageous. Speaking about this venture, Chair of the band Matthew Bailey said, "Following on from the recent launch of our Community Programme and a very successful free concert, we found that our MD was unavailable for three Thursday rehearsals. We thought this would be a good way not only of keeping the band on their toes, but also opening Besses up to a new generation of brass banders. I'm hoping in the next three weeks to see some excellent young talent in front of the band."

    "Having started as a conductor myself in my early twenties, I know how hard it can be to get a break, and imagine how it would look to potential bands if you can say you have gained conducting experience at Besses!"

    The three lucky people will be selected at random, and whichever conductor the band decides has the most potential will be invited to conduct onstage with Besses in the near future.

    To enter, please send a quick resume of playing/conducting experience, plus a few lines about why you wish to take this chance, to
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    Great idea Matt, and one I hope is hugely successful for you and Besses. Please do keep us informed as to how this goes yeah? Any chance of photos when the time comes...?
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    Thanks for your support! We're hoping this will be the first of many events like this, to help young aspiring conductors to gain experience . Thanks to all who have contacted me, what a response! We are still happy to receive applications for this, as we will have to draw from a hat anyway, so keep them coming!

    Cheers, Matt.

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