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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Ryan06, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. Ryan06

    Ryan06 Member

    What songs are you guys playing your brass band these days? Here is the repetoire that were playing (The Salvation Army Glenmore Temple Band) so far this season.

    - Glorifico Aeternum
    - March - 'Hadleigh Camp'
    -- Hallelujah! Jesus Is Alive
    - Song arrangement: 'The Firing Line'
    - I Will Follow Him (feature for 3 trombones)
    - The Music Of Thy Name
    - Hymn tune setting (All I Have)
    - Festival March - 'Cornerstone'
    - Grace Alone
    - Festival March - 'Praise Tribute'

    Its only a matter of time before we start pulling out Christmas music for the busy Christmas season ahead of us to come.
  2. SAEEbAusBoy

    SAEEbAusBoy New Member

    :) Glorifico is an amazing piece ... We played that late last year... And Hadliegh Camp is a fair decent march.

    We're looking to new stuff that I've never heard of before. It's all exciting and new and strange. But some of the titles include, Song of the Eternals, Joyous Song (cornet solo) and I Walked Today.

    They're all fun pieces.
  3. SallyArmyBando

    SallyArmyBando New Member

    Indeed I have to agree with you both here. Glorifico is one of my Favourite piece's of music around. It's absolute genious :) It's a shame that my band isn't good enough to play it :( Im in love with the Soprano part in it.
  4. jrshimmon

    jrshimmon Member

    On the sofa.
    I'm am going to be a decenting voice here, but I am not so enthusiatic about Glorifico. I dought it will stick with us like the Light of the World, The Kingdom Triumphant or The Present Age. I would say Shine as the Light will still be with us in 30 years but I think that and its brothers (Renaissance and Last Amen etc) have been there and done it. It's ok to play. The 4/4 part in the middle of the 10/8 bit is probably the most interesting bit to get your head round and it is interesting to see how ensembles ride through it. I think the Middle section could have more too it. Nothing Personal I do like to listen to it and I really got on with Dean Jones when we met years ago. But it doesn't move any mountains with me. Supremacy was better, Vitae Eternum now that is Intergalatic! I have really been taken with some of Steven Ponsford work recently as well thought some of Christo Redentor was Fab.

    With regards to new repetoire our corps band has had a new Bandmaster Appointed since March so alot of new music to learn so far its been Great Celebration, Hymn for the Fallen and Nimrod. Plus done some of the more recent GS Stuff. True Colours is a good little march and we seem to have really enjoyed the Lord is Gracious. We're also resurrecting an old class of The Pilgrim Way.
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