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    What is everybodys all star band?? Think up and list your perfect band!! From Conductor to percussion!! :wink:
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    We've had this thread umpteen times I think in many different forms (individual players and sections from different bands)... could someone dig it out?
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  4. PeterBale

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    If I remember corectly, the other threads have all had some sort of rider to it (nationalities, SA, sections etc). I don't think we have had one with an open field, so maybe we should just let this one run and see how it goes.
  5. AJSOP

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    Sorry didnt realise. my apologies
  6. so long as these guys go in...

    Sop - Peter Roberts
    Prince - David Daws
    21C - Roger Webster
    Solo Euph - Morgan Griffiths
    Trom - Nick Hudson
    Solo Horn - Sheona White
  7. AJSOP

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    Yea, not a bad selection there!

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