Younger band members (continued)

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by MissMusic, Mar 13, 2004.

  1. MissMusic

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    Last night at band we played through the test piece and then the conductor asked every individual in the room if there was ANYTHING they noticed that could be improved. Id noticed that some people were playing some quavers too long so i spoke up. The looks i got! The conductor was pleased i had mentioned it but most other people looked at me like i had no right. Its kind of like they expected me not to know anything about music. I know im one of the youngest players (15) but i know when it comes to music i know what im talking about lol.

    I felt so stupid afterwards...but i think maybe now they'll start taking notice of me now!
  2. skweeky

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    :? i get that. Only its dirty looks from people because they are thinking "now why didn't i notice that but the little kid did??" i like to call it jealousy :wink:
  3. scott clark

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    well being a soprano player thats what your there for, you should see some of the looks my dad gets :D
  4. lottie4744

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    Yeah, Your right, I'm 14 and play sop at Golborne, If I even point something wrong out in the band or ask if the chord structures right I get looks of evil from the "older" generation of the band (to put it nicely) We've just played at the areas (north west) and did the test piece "Vizcaya" and me and my best mates who's 15 were asking questions and all we got was oh shut up! it's well annoying! Youth Bands Should Reign On Forever! :D
  5. tim

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    ive got a whole reputation of only being able to play loud becoz of youth band day wen thats all i cud do and thats been passed on by ppl who tutored the youth band at residential weekends so i constantly get players constantly telling me not to play out before rehersals when i can be one of the softest members of the ensemble when i need to be.

    also I agree that when u mention something u get shot down... We are working on getting a more dramatic ending out of CV and one of the players sed we need to go down to pp. Which is all well and good except when you diminuendo before the marking which the whole band did. So i mentioned it and the conductor sed yeh id agree but i got looks of disgust from every1 else :(
  6. Okiedokie of Oz

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    To work with our young band, I am a 22 year old conductor, and we have a barely 21 year old drum major(ette). I try hard to work with the older members of the bnand so I don't seem like a snobby child, but Leanne...she's all on her own.
  7. Vickitorious

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    I'm just glad to say, I don't have that problem, in fact, no one in our band will look down on anyone, old or young. They are really great! :D :D
  8. skweeky

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    its not so much look down on any1 because our band are friendly aswel so i guess we are both lucky but its just maybe 1 person who thinks they are amazing (adult) and gets jealous because a kid is spotting things that they missed.
  9. supersop_1

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    I have played for several bands where i have been the youngest player and you are always treated as if you dont know what your talking about.
  10. euphfanhan

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    with all the bands i've played in, its not so much the age of the player, but how long they've been with the band. Any newbie is generally ignored, not so much by the conductor but by the rest of the band. It's almost as though they have to gain the players respect before having an opinion.
  11. You talking about red rose?
  12. supersop_1

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    ive never realy been a big speaker anyway but it was always funny to listen to members of the band spouting off against me just because i was one of the younger players.They didnt know i had played cornet for brighouse and grimethorpe before i was 18 and played a solo with faireys!!!!!!!!!!!.Age means nothing
  13. jim

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    I now the feeling all to well Its been a major contrabution for me for why I left one particuler band, it happens at all levels off banding aspecially if your young and join a top band as you get better and mature they some will still treat u like a kid it douse stop but it takes time and a lot off hard work on your playin for them to respect u but its worth it when they treet u like an adult tho
  14. euphfanhan

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    not really. although tanya and nathan used to completely ignore anyone new. everyone at band mentioned being scared of them for at least a few months! but i was referring to other bands.
  15. trumpetmike

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    I would suggest that this is a major factor in many bands (and other things in life). Until a band knows that you are in a position to offer something useful, you can often find that people will ignore you or assume that you know nothing.
    This can be especially true if you are offering opinions that might not go down well with those present.
    If your first words in a rehearsal (for example) are "you played that wrong," then prepare yourself for a backlash, even if you are correct.

    As for those youngsters who are upset about being treated as though they know nothing - you should remember that for every young player like you (who do know what they are doing) there are a number of others who might not have your musicality, ability and competence. When I am working with youth bands I like to treat them as I would the adult groups I work with. If something needs work, I will tell them to work at it. If they don't, I will then start getting nastier with them.
    If one of them makes a suggestion that I think is a good one, I will usually thank them. If they start making comments about every single aspect of the rehearsal I will often ask them to be quiet. There are those players who feel it is their job to comment about everything a conductor does, or about every other section of the band. This sort of player annoys me - it is the job of the conductor to point out potential problems, not necessarily the band member's.
    From the way you talk, I wouldn't class you in that latter group, just for the record, but I would think carefully before opening your mouth too often in rehearsals. It might appear to some of the band as if you are trying to point out their mistakes to make yourself look better.
  16. yonhee

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    I was scared of everyone at band when i started mainly Nicola, Tanya an Nathan thou but only cos they were so loud :p (Im not scared of you anymore btw Nicola)
  17. michellegarbutt

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    I know this can be a problem in some bands but not all. We do have a couple of young players in our band who have left other bands for this reason. I'm pleased to say that everyone in our band is encouraged to give their views. During practice the conductor will often ask people for their opinions and I have known him to turn round and if any members of the learner section are sitting listening he will also ask their opinions. :clap:
  18. skweeky

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    euphfanhan made a very good point in saying that its not necessarily your age its your experience in the band and i think that it absolutely true. Last time i posted on this thread i didnt have much of a say, but now (im still a youngster, 16) but im even on our comittee. Generally, no1 wants to listen to someone that in their opinion doesnt know what they are talking about. Once the young player (or anyone for that matter) has been in the band a while, then they are seen as they do now know what they are talking about.
  19. ian perks

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    In our band we have age range from 15-55 and everyone as respect for each others opinions, if they are not to sure about something they ask and our conductor answers them, or if a certain player thinks that a certain section is playing something not quite right or it is putting them off then they say, no one gets upset at all as we all HELP each other in our band during practise,its no good upsetting each other in band as that soon leads to internal band problems and we know what happens next PLAYERS LEAVE.

    I am happy to say what ever the mood in our band we have one thing on our minds each and every practise also sectional practises as well
  20. brasscrest

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    Hear, Hear, Mr. Perks!

    The whole thing is that respectful and constructive comments can be offered by anyone. And sometimes the simple question is the one that needs to be asked the most.

    On of the best ways to ensure the long-term survival of a band is to encourage mentoring relationships between the older and younger members.