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    I love the fact that BRASS bring's acts like Mnozil, Youngbloods, Hypnotic, Canadian Brass, Brazz Brothers etc to perform here alongside traditional bands and that they support young musician with workshops and helping the likes of the Hornosexuals to perform and meet top acts is also being valued.

    It was a good night at the Youngblood gig and maybe if they have them back, a different venue may be the answer to Geordiecolin's comments, Student Union? I thought the open air concert was good a couple of years ago but with the rain it might not be wise.

    Hypnotic Brass were a Wow in the Methodist Church especially when people got up and danced on the pews, all it needed was James Brown and the Blues Brothers to come tumbling down the isle.

    That concert was meant to be at the Gala but changed and I for one am glad it did! So maybe a venue change would sort it.

    As an aside:
    I was interested to find that the brass players in Bellowhead started in a traditional brass band and some of their fans attended the DLI Contest which is great.

    To those that attended any of the 'BRASS' events I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did, it was full of surprises and above all great brass playing, I just wonder who they will be getting next year?

    I am on their mailing list on as I wan't to make sure I get my Mnozil tickets as soon as they are released!! I can't wait to see who else is going to be on and they promised to mail out any acts as soon as they book them.

    I know they were after Dirty Dozen and Rebirth Brass Band last year as well as Tower of Power and Grimethorpe so hope they follow through with these this year.
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    Info on Rebirth

    Check out the BRASS myspace site:

    It has a great friends list including the myspace site for rebirth and I think it has a link to their own website. Jjust search the BRASS friends list, there are some great bands on it and well worth looking at!

    Hope it works I am sure I have seen them on there, best of luck!
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    Tower of Power would definitely be a sell out!