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Discussion in ' User Reviews' started by geordiecolin, May 19, 2004.

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    I am very very very tired. I got to bed last night (this morning) at 3:30am and was up again 4 hours later. I am now living (and working) in a slight haze, where everything is muffled, and all I can smell is the red bull that sits beside me in an attempt to encourage life in my otherwise silent body...

    ...but it was well worth it.

    Went last night to the Tuesday Club, first time I've been since Mr Scruff two years ago, and the only disappointment was the fact that we had to wait until 1:30am until Youngblood came on. But on the first sign of a sousaphone walking onto stage, you could sense a curious excitment amongst the Drum n Bass faithful. Their hour long set took the band through samba, hip-hop, big band, jazz, and some amazing trumpet, trombone and sax playing. I doubt the two trumpeters would have struggled on that infamous "top c" in Voyage, that'd be a low note for them.

    I'm too tired to really think about how amazing it was, but i stayed until the end, and even bought 2 CDs so I could continue to listen. I am now.

    Would I put up with being tired for a day in order to see them? Too right I would!! I may even be prepared to put up with the rath of Yorkshirepuddin who, understandably, was not best pleased when I woke her up at 3.30 in the morning to inform her about my wonderful time.

    Thank-you to tMP for being the site that first introduced me to the band.
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    My brother introduced them to me a few months ago - they used to have a track on their web page which was a cover of Killing me softly. It was fantastice - dont know if its still on there. Hope to see them thursday night after band at Clwb Ifor Bach.
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    Grrrr why do the Regionals have to clash with so many things? :mad:

    I suppose I'll just have to talk somebody into driving straight back to Cardiff from band and hope they haven't finished! A friend saw them a few years ago and said how great they were so I don't want to miss out.

    Might be a mission...wish me luck!
  4. geordiecolin

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    The Killing Me Softly Cover is the last track on the Live. Places album.

    Tim - Which albums did you get?? Is the new one out yet? Glad you enjoyed yourself. If it wasn't for a certain area contest I would have definitely come down to join you at the old Tuesday Club...
  5. Jen

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    I saw them at Womad last year, they're fab!
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    I got the Centre:Level:Roar and Is that a riot? (which is the new album and was out on Monday. Me like them both.

    Incidentally (and with regards your text about the Sousa player) wasn't the same chap you'd have seen, was a great chap for generating some life in the crowd/band, but didn't do any beatbox/singing down the instrument which is on the other album.
  7. geordiecolin

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    Didn't think it would have been (see earlier post), pity he doesn't to the tricks Nat McIntosh used to do. That was fantastic live.
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    Just been messing around on a generic mp3 download site featuring all of them...

    Did a search for Brass to see if there were any band albums available, and found a group called Coolbone who had an album in 1997 called Brass-Hop. Well worth checking out if you like Youngblood/Dirty Dozen etc. and can track down a copy.
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    My friend sent me a few tracks about a year ago of these guys- at the time you couldn't get the CD in th UK, only by mail from the US, even in Virgin&HMV they wouldnt ship it over for me! I'd love to go and see them live, they do have such a tight brass section!!

    all you budding "tubists" should have a listen to "warrior comes out to play" its a mulitphonic mad solo sousaphone piece....which i have heard a friend play a good rendition of on the euph...hehe!

    nice to see its not just "traditional" brass band talk on here!

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    The're Back!

    Youngblood are back!
    The Youngblood brass band are still bringing the house down and will be returning to the UK this summer. High powered performances by these young brass players.
    Date: 20-07-2008
    Time: 19:30:00
    Venue: Gala Theatre Durham City
    Price: £10 (£8 concession)
    book tickets via the gala theatre or their website
    Hope this helps those who have expressed interest in them in this thread!
    I will be interested to see your reviews after the Durham Show to see what you think.

  11. Courtenay! :)

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    Youngblood are amazing.
    Their concert at the Durham Brass Festival this year will be immense :)

    My friends who I play in bands with etc formed a band last year, which has been heavily influenced by Youngblood. They won our college's and area's Battle of the Bands and have just recorded their EP. Check them out :D
    They don't take it very seriously but thats what's great about them :)
  12. emziesonic

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    I'm not surprised they won their competition they sound really good!:clap:
  13. youngblood

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    The Hornosexuals a young band made up of members of traditional brass bands played after the Youngblood concert and did a great job! My wife thought they were beter than Youngblood and they did sound darn good to me!

    Great these guys are out there doing there thing Keep it up and well done, who knows maybe you will have your own concert at BRASS next year! I hope you got to meet the Youngbloods!

    Bellowhead that sold out also have members from brass band roots showing the influence of brass bands is strong in ways the public may not expect. It all feeds the reasons why brass bands should be supported and bringing it to the public's attention is no bad thing.

    Did you see Hypnotic Brass on the Wednesday Courtenay? They were amazing! Mind you so were Brighouse & Rastrick and Canadian Brass and of course the Hornosexuals!
  14. Courtenay! :)

    Courtenay! :) New Member

    I'm glad you liked them =D lol I'll let them know =) lol
    You probably saw me there, I was the one in the Hornosexuals t-shirt =) lol
    Ste, the bari sax player from the Hornosexuals, is here now and he says thank you =P lol

    Yeah we got to meet Youngblood! It was amazing =D
    We swapped them a Hornosexual's tshirt and CD for their CD's ! =)
    That night was the highlight of my life so far lol

    Me, Temple, Sam and Ste (Tuba, trumpet and bari sax from Hornosexuals) did a private workshop with Hypnotic Brass on the Wednesday and they gave us free tickets for the concert =D So yeah we were there lol
    They're amazing as well =) and they were reallyyyyyy nice people as well lol

    And I was at Brighouse and Rastrick with my sister and they were class XD lol

    But clearly the Hornosexuals were the highlight of the whole festival :p lol That's the best they're ever played to be honest lol Keep an eye out for their gigs at =)

    I've just helped Ste write a new song as well, so look out for that :p lol

    Courtenay + Ste xxx

    ps. thanks again for thinking we were good on Sunday =D from ste lol
  15. Pythagoras

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    Got a couple of CD's of New Orleans brass bands from my brother when he went there on a work trip (this researching Deep South literature seems a bit of a doss!). Soul Rebels and Rebirth Brass Band. Really good. Couldn't find any websites, but there are some videos of rebirth playing on their facebook page.
  16. geordiecolin

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    I thoroughly enjoyed Youngblood on Sunday night. A much changed line-up from that which I first saw 3 years ago, but still delivering to a similarly impressive standard. (See the very first post in this thread)

    Only two real downsides;

    1) If they ever come back to the festival, the Gala should take all of the seats out of the theatre. You can't watch Youngblood whilst sat down, its not fair on the band and far too british... Unfortunately a large portion of Sunday's audience were like wet fish and even once their view was obscured by the people who were standing at the front, they still refused to stand up!

    As the band so eloquently put it: "There's no obligation to dance.... but there's no obligation to sit down either!!"

    2) A longer set please!

    Was also very impressed with Nick Pride and the Pimptones pre-gig and Hornosexuals post-gig. I noticed some Youngblood numbers in their set, which took some nerve given most of Youngblood were at the bar at the time, but they pulled it off. Well Done!

    I was also told by one of the Youngblood trumpeters that a new album is on the way, so look out for it!
  17. winterman

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    Ooh, I have been a fan of Youngblood for a fair few years now, "Warriors come out to Play" Tuba Solo has been one of my ringtones since my first phone which supported mp3!! Absolutely awesome! Shame I missed them at Durham this year :(

    Maybe this could be the start of a great TV feature, getting the likes of Youngblood, and their inspired masses and Mnozil and so on and do a series or special feature for the telly. Would certainly open a few blinkered eyes to what brass can really do, me thinks. :)
  18. Courtenay! :)

    Courtenay! :) New Member

    The Hornosexuals were a bit worried what Youngblood would think if they did a cover of them. But when we met them afterwards the trumpeter described it as "interesting" and the sax player said he enjoyed it =) lol
  19. hornojim

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    Hey thanks for that, its always cool to gain new fans. If you can make it to any of our gigs again, it would be mint!

    The brass gig has to be the musical highlight of my life, mainly due to the fact that it was my first youngblood gig and i got to meet them etc. they are just regulkar down to earth guys which is what makes them so much better. and chuffed that the hornosexuals went down welll....
  20. MissRepiano

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    they sound great! Never read this thread's great to hear brass instruments used in a different kind of way!

    There's another band called 'shoot the moon' that I heard at a local festival about a month ago.

    You can find them here: