Young Player of the World Cup

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  1. andywooler

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    from an email just received:

    There is a very real danger that Cristiano Ronaldo will be voted the
    fans' best young player at the World Cup despite his pouting, diving,
    y boy antics designed mainly to get himself a lucrative transfer to Real
    Madrid and thus avoid the good kicking he deserves from Wayne Rooney at
    Manchester United training.
    He is currently 1st in the FIFA voting just ahead of Luis Valencia of

    Please can everyone go to

    and do the decent thing by voting for Valencia. It doesn't matter who you
    support or if you haven't seen them play, just stop Ronaldo.
    Takes 30 seconds...You know it makes sense!!!!

    ps: even walcott has 2990 votes and nobody saw him!
  2. dyl

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    Thought Ronaldo played very well tonight myself - so he gets my vote.
  3. horn1

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    I think it's working Valencia now has 35% against Ronaldo's 25% !! Hee hee!!
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