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  1. Kjata

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    Hey all,

    This is a little premature, but after sorting out insurance for instruments ect for uni, I've had a flick around for car insurance to ease my own curiosity. (I have a full licence btw!)
    While i'm at uni the parents are considering putting me on their insurance (Hopefully they will, fingers crossed!) but obviously when I get my own car I'll need my own insurance.
    I've been sifting through numerous comparison sites, bespoke student sites, and student forums but i'm not sure how accurate some of the information is, so more real life experiences couldn't do any harm!

    So background story over, this is my question:
    What are your experiences with young peoples insurance (from kids, or from yourselves if you're not too old :tongue:!!) and how would you advise a novice to get the cheapest but safest deals?

    Any stories welcome.

  2. Leyfy

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    My niece has just passed her test, and bought my fiesta off me. She found the cheapest deal was with tesco 'value' insurance.

    When I was at uni I drove (well, admitted PUSHED quite a few times) a Yugo 65a, and parked it in all the roughest places round Leeds and West Yorkshire. It had no back windscreen for two months, and you could unlock the door with a 10 pence piece! Funnily enough it was never touched ..... so my advice to you is to have such a supremely rubbish car that no one wants to pinch it!! ;)
  3. Kjata

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    Tesco value lol! Why didn't I think of that!?
  4. FlugelD

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    I knew a guy (some years back) who never locked his 'how did it get an MOT' Marina - it was worth more to him stolen...:clap:

    My youngest brother's first car was also a mobile wreck, and I know that a couple of our younger players (late teens/early twenties) could afford a better car, but not the insurance as well, so they're currently keeping older vehicles on the road with TLC and a few garage bills - still cheaper than buying and insuring something more modern.

    So, find a mobile junkheap and put up with a few insults while your bank balance appreciates, and your No Claims builds...

    And don't have a bump! ;)
  5. Andrew Norman

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    My son found Endsleigh to be the cheapest - although cheap isn't the word - males under 21 pay through the nose.
    As posted above get a cheap car in a low insurance group - this is more important than the value of the car as you'll probably only be insuring Third Party, Fire and Theft.
    He was paying £1200 on a £500 Clio !! (smallest car he could fit a double bass in).
  6. michellegarbutt

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    check around as well. NFU mutual aren't on the comparison websites but I got a discount off them for the time I had spent as a named driver on Stan's insurance (didn't have to produce any proof either). I also got a further discount as it is their jubilee year. I ended up with as much discount as I would have had if I'd had a full no claims bonus. Then to top it all I didn't have to pay a deposit either
  7. WoodenFlugel

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    My advice would be to simply shop around. Lots. Not just on price comparison web-sites either - despite their claims they are not always the cheapest option (someone has to pay for all those annoying TV ads!). Sometimes its also worth hitting the websites of the insurers who quote on there directly too - they occasionally have special deals set up for direct customers.

    This actually applies to everyone - even after lots of years driving and with a full NCB the differences from the most expensive to the cheapest on my quotes each year can amount to hundreds of pounds.

    Oh and for now keep you car expectations low (as has already been said) - four wheels and a dependable engine is about all you need - the less a car has on it, the less there is to go wrong!
  8. Bass Trumpet

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    That was my mantra - until yesterday! Ancient Mazda went in for a service and MOT. Garage phoned and told me I was running a death trap :eek: Now I'm car-less, so my insurance costs nowt.

    If anybody is selling a reasonable motor (automatic preferred) I'm very interested!
  9. Rapier

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    Don't forget that if you are on your parents insurance you can't be the 'main' user and you will not be earning any 'no claims' discounts in your own right.
  10. MoominDave

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    Methuselah the Mondeo wins the battle of the Kidlington band cr*p car pool... You should have used more gaffa tape.
  11. Bass Trumpet

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    I don't think gaffer tape would have fixed it. Apparently the roll bar was so rusted through it wasn't actually attached to the car :eek:

    Sorry Paul for hijacking your thread with banter!

    Back on topic, I would agree that the comparison sites only give half the story. I tried a couple of them and came back with results far greater than what I was paying through Tesco.
  12. MoominDave

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    So tape it on...

    I believe MOT testers are actually legally barred from removing any tape in order to look for defects underneath?
  13. Andrew Norman

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    We found that by getting a quote online and then turning it down normally generated a call from the Insurers who could then offer a cheaper quote...
  14. Kjata

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    Don't be silly Duncan, you're keeping the thread alive!
    Still would appreciate any advice from people?!
  15. Anno Draconis

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    Yep, I'd go along with that. First car I owned was a £50 Chevette, complete shed but it got me around, including a memorable camping trip round the Lakes, Dumfries and the Borders. Fixed most faults with scrapyard parts and gaffer tape (no, I'm not joking, I once taped the exhaust back together at the side of the M56). Insurance was £350 3rd party only - seven times the price of the car!

    Once I got giddy and insured it for theft as well I took to leaving it unlocked outside my flat in Crumpsall in the hope that someone would do the decent thing, but it never happened.

    So get a banger, or get a scooter ;)

    Can't imagine why a student needs a car anyway. Public transport in Manchester is OK, especially the Metrolink (although that doesn't go past the RNCM), and most bands will sort students out with lifts. When I was in uni I knew one or two people with cars; rest of us used shanks' pony or various flavours of peasant carrier to get us around.
  16. Leyfy

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  17. julestools

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    Ben just got his dream Subaru Imprezza to replace a Civic Type R (lookalike) A 1995 motor but a £3500 bill for insurance (he's 23) I've never paid that much for a car!
    Get an old Landrover. My insurance is £78 fully comp (i'm old), the doors don't lock, the roof lifts off in summer, i get two basses in the back and if anyone can drive it away it's theirs
  18. Bass Trumpet

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    Your address please? ;)
  19. Kjata

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    'xcuse me Duncan, my thread, so I get first dibs on any dodgy cars!! ;)
  20. julestools

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    Tis outside in the street as i type. Would need filling up to get you home though