Young Ambassadors still going strong after more than 30 years

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    The Young Ambassadors Brass Band of Great Britain has recently returned from their annual Easter tour to Luxembourg. As ever, on the programme this year an eclectic mix of light music: well-known brass band arrangements, solo features, and some more serious works such as Verdi’s 'Force of Destiny' and works by Grieg.

    Led by charismatic and dynamic conductor, Frank Wolff, the group consists of up and coming brass band talent selected from Championship bands all over Great Britain. Since its formation in 1978, it is estimated that over 600 players have toured with the band to Belgium, Germany, Holland, Luxembourg, USA and Canada. In addition the band has made numerous radio and CD recordings. Everyone in the brass band world will know someone who has at some time in their life been a ‘YABBA’ – as ex-members of the band are affectionately known.

    We caught up with Frank Wolff, veteran conductor and organiser, in his home town of Oxford where he explained the idea behind his well-known legacy: “I originally formed the band to provide some additional playing opportunities for my two daughters and their friends when they became too old to remain in the National Youth Brass Band of Great Britain. Since that time, we have had numerous successful tours abroad. Each time a new generation of brass players are given the opportunity to represent the UK in a series of popular and well received concerts”

    Many members of the band have studied, or are in the process of studying music, at the top education establishments in UK. Because of the extremely high standard of their musical programmes and the tremendous entertainment value of their repertoire, the band is asked to return to almost every place they has visited.

    The band is already planning a return to Luxembourg in Easter 2014 as well as a potential visit USA and Canada for 2 weeks of summer 2014. If you are interested in being a part of history, please contact the Young Ambassadors Brass Band of Great Britain.

    Information Required!

    If you or anyone you know has been part of the Young Ambassadors Brass Band over the last 30+ years, existing members of the band are in the process of compiling a complete record of players and would appreciate your help. Please contact or visit the website at

    The Young Ambassadors Brass Band – Easter 2013 were:

    Musical Director: Frank Wolff | Cornets: Jef Vermeiren (Principal), Sean Houlton, Cerid Grimshaw, Steve Curtis, Andrew Yeoman, Steve Alexander, Adele Amplett, John Smith, Bram Rutten, Toon Monnen, Lucy Jackson, Chrissy Chalk-Williams | Horns: Alexandra James, Simon Jones, Joanna Cambray-Young, Victoria Kenworthy | Euph/Bar: Nick Vermerien, Jon Ford, Danny Lowery, Simon Keen | Trombones: Edward March, Chloe Walsh, Stephen Anker | Basses: Chris Barnes, Thomas Nickless, Jesus, Ben Fisher | Percussion: Charlie Hutchinson (kit), Dr Steve Alexander (Tambourine)

    YABBGB_Easter 2013.jpg
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    Sorry Simon.

    Couldn't resist.
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    Do you think the BBb player nailed his part?
  4. Simon_Horn

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    quite right Bob- you are the voice of 'anonymous' reason after important does that make you feel ?! (although I know who you are haha)
  5. Simon_Horn

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    Most definately!
  6. hopeless

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    Well done to Frank Wolff for all his work over such a long time. I remember him doing lots of work behind the scenes and send my sincere congratulations.
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    Frank still plays 2nd cornet for City of Oxford too, sharing the part with Terry Brotherhood, a man 60 years in banding himself. You won't meet many more youthful and bustling 84 year olds than Frank!
  8. iancwilx

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    I was in the NYBBGB with Terry. Would you give him my regards the next time you see him ? We haven't met since the 1960s.

    ~ Mr Wilx
  9. MoominDave

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    Will do. He's still a quality cornet player, by the way.
  10. Mello

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    I saw Terry B briefly at NW Area in Blackpool, but could only speak quickly as we were going into the hall between bands.
    Unfortunately, I had to move on as I was with Muriel Newsome and Saachi Wycherley, and they had kept moving.
    Have to say he looked and sounded well.I well remember Terry ( & friends) crashing down in my Hotel room, when I was playing at RAH.!

    Great news that FW is still playing...I often used to stay at Frank & Yanny's home in Divinity Road many years ago , when Marylin & Elaine were toddlers. Wonderful Memories you have rekindled.

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